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Expect more than just DID from Reliance PRI

Reliance Enterprise Voice Suite ..

What is E1 DID Service ..


E1 DID is a Digital Trunk solution giving you 30 digital channels over a 4-wire system. Each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing or two-way, allowing highly effective management of voice traffic

Expect more from Reliance E1 DID Service ..
  • Fiber to premises for capacity on Demand
  • Ring architecture for enhanced uptime
  • DID wise billing
  • Similar Board number across cities
  • Virtual Audio Bridge
Digital Advantage - I

Convert your extensions to direct lines

Digital Advantage - II

Reduce the number of operators (Opex savings)

Digital Advantage - III

Get DID Number Presentation

Digital Advantage - IV

Get Unique Numbering Advantage

  • Similar Board Number (SBN) numbering advantage offered by Reliance.
        - Identical number offered to Enterprises in all 7 digit and 8 digit SDCAs across the country
  • E.g. A customer choosing a Similar Board Number 39891000 shall be allotted
    011-39891000 in Delhi
    022-39891000 in Mumbai
    0265-3989100 in Vadodara, and so on.

Note: A caller in Pune, trying to reach the customer's office in Delhi, will have to make an STD call to the Delhi board number (011-39891000). Similarly to reach the Mumbai office, the caller from Pune will have to dial the Mumbai Board Number 022-39891000 or 9522-39891000

Digital Advantage - V

Simply your implementations

Lesser faults >> higher uptime, no cross talk

Reliance Network Advantage
Advice of Charge (AOC) in Select cities ...

"Advice of Charge (AoC)" is an optional feature offered over E1 DID.

By virtue of this feature, whenever a voice call is made using E1 trunk, customer can now rate the calls on a near real-time basis. This is done using Call billing software on the customer's EPABX.

In Summary Service you get ...
  • Direct Line for every user (DID)
  • DID Number Presentation
  • DID wise billing for every user
  • Similar Board number across cities
  • Virtual Audio Bridge
  • Enhanced customer convenience