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Until the launch of WhatsApp in 2009, people used SMS as their primary chat medium to send Short messages. The launch of WhatsApp has revolutionized the way people prefer to chat with their friends and family. 

From allowing the message and photo sharing options, it has developed Video calls and group Video call options which have cut down huge telephone bills of customers.

Now, it has become a major part of everybody’s life. People wake up to checking messages on WhatsApp and don’t even think of any other medium to chat for personal as well as professional needs. India, having the biggest user base on WhatsApp in the world is using it in the most possible ways for its advantage.

With everyone using WhatsApp for their primary mode of messaging, it becomes evident for businesses to move to WhatsApp Business Basic & advance API integration and get closer to customers for more sales, more walk-ins, and better customer service.

WhatsApp Marketing – Business Features:

WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Business which allows businesses to update company information and connect with their customers by sending messages. It has given out various features to promote its products and services through catalogs, links, etc.

1. Business Profile:

WhatsApp business profile is a piece of short information. There are options to update business address, location, timings, description, etc.

Whatsapp Business profile

2. Product Catalog:

Businesses can create a catalog to share their products and services and links to their websites. These catalogs will be displayed in their WhatsApp profile and can also be shared with their prospects.

Whatsapp business product catalog

3. Labels:

Labels can be used to mark customers as new customers, follow up, etc. It gets easier to manage prospects and take action effectively.

Whatsapp business lable chat

4. Quick Replies/Greeting Messages:

WhatsApp Business lets us save messages and makes it easy to give replies quickly to new customers. You can set-up an auto-reply too.

Whatsapp business quick replies and greeting messages

5. Insights of WhatsApp Marketing:

Once you send a message to a group of people, WhatsApp Business shows the insights about the delivery and open rate of the message.

How to use WhatsApp Marketing for business?

How to use whatsapp marketing for business

1. Customer Service:

One best way to use WhatsApp business is for customer Service. This real-time application can be used to have a direct connection with customers through personalization.

It is an easy process even for the customers to contact you through a WhatsApp message instead of calling to a customer care number.

A business can integrate WhatsApp API with its CRM software to provide next-level customer service and support experience. Eg. Vodafone, Lenovo…

2. Instant orders:

For retail businesses, this tool can be used to share the product catalog and take orders to deliver instantly. Many retail grocery stores, bakeries, etc. use this to make the process simple and fast.

3. Customer & Prospect List Management:

One of the lesser explored great features on WhatsApp is list management through broadcasting. Even though you can make groups and communicate with your target audience, seldom people stay in a group as there is one-way communication with no common objective.

The broadcasting message is a one-to-one personalized system. It is the most effective feature to manage or educate your prospects/customers. One regular task to be done is updating the list with what is new in your business.

We at Inmantech DGi have seen our clients implementing this and have achieved 3X more revenue.

Depending on the category of business and the needs, different strategies can be planned using WhatsApp Business. Contact us to know how you can use WhatsApp Marketing for your business.

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