My Childhood: Sochin Dharewal

I hail from a business family and was always involved in the nuances of business since the age of 9 . But, the business that I am in right now, is not even remotely related to the family’s business.

Let me walk you through my journey from an inquisitive child to an entrepreneur who chose to pursue his own path than take up the family business.

            From the early stages of life, I firmly believed that creativity is more important than education to be a successful businessman. And I was sure to excel in the family’s business.

As I got more and more involved, my inquisitive nature has led me into giving new ideas to family to explore new leaps and bounds in the existing business.

Somehow, my ideas were never appreciated much due to their conventional style of running a business. After multiple such times, I was feeling dejected for being constantly ridiculed for my ideas.

MBA – Outstanding Student Of The Year:

            My MBA was the time when I transformed from being the “most unnoticed” student in the class to a very proactive person.

I was often assigned and involved in college activities and trusted my decision-making skills. This is the first time where my ideas were heard, considered, and executed.

This gave me a new boost of self-confidence. The only reason for this to happen is my guru Prof. Dr. (Col) A Balasubramanian, fondly called Bala Sir, Founder & Chancellor, Sri Balaji University, Pune.

He had seen the merit in my ideas and the passion for my work. He had chosen me as the Student Council President of my college and also awarded ‘Outstanding Student of the year’.

Starting Inmantech DGi – A Digital Marketing Company

After graduating from college, with a new boost of energy, I started looking for an opportunity at the right place – where my ideas were considered and appreciated.

            Bala Sir had trusted me during my initial steps into Digital Marketing. He had given me a good budget in 2005 and became my first client.

After tremendous hard work and learning, from that year onwards there was no looking back. I love to work for clients who bet on my ideas and I love to continuously make those ideas work.

Today, many of our clients have been associated with us for a long term with a goal to grow their business and hunger to implement new ideas and reach new markets.

With my years of experience since the inception of Digital Marketing, I have helped a number of businesses do more business online.

From the phase where I was ridiculed for my new ideas to the same ideas becoming radical and out of the box, now I have an opportunity to work with bigger brands who crave to listen to my ideas and those ideas work for my clients.

Every day I wake up with fresh ideas which could transform my client’s business.

The reason… why I do, what I do…

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