For any effective Digital marketing communication, a Call to Action is indispensable. After a prospect reads your digital communication message, placing a call to action gives you a chance to motivate the prospect into taking the next steps of action and getting closer to a sale. It is a factor that turns a prospect from being a prospective lead to a customer. It is a concept of ‘ASK’ where we prompt the prospect to ask us what we want them to ask.

What is a Call To Action?

A Call To Action (CTA) is usually a prompt on your Digital Ad or on your website that pushes the prospect to take action. It is a command/phrase in the form of a button.

Features of CTA

The success of CTA can be influenced by the below 3 features

–  Placement: Placing a single CTA multiple times in one page across content can increase the chances of your prospect taking action. Placing them strategically to grab visual attention in alignment with the content is also important. For example, if the web page is about selling a service, CTAs like ‘Get Quote’, ‘Get Best Price’, ‘Try now’ would work better than a plain ‘Contact us’.

–  Copy or text: Conveying what action to take by writing the benefit often gives success. For example, instead of ‘Subscribe’, the benefit of it can be mentioned as ‘Get more tips’. Instead of ‘Know more’ , we can communicate what we are offering them and use ‘Get Offer’ or ‘Get discount code’

–  Design: A striking button with a good color combination that is appealing is important to make it look like a CTA button and not another piece of text.

Why is CTA important?

1. Motivates prospect to move across Sales Funnel:

Did you know that CTA’s when placed right on your landing page increases conversion rates by 80%?

When a prospect comes across the website or your ad, they usually don’t know what to do next to get in touch with you. This usually takes the attention away before you capture the lead. When a CTA is given, it removes the ambiguity or friction and eases the prospect to move down the sales funnel. Some examples of CTA are – Sign Up, Call Now, Get Offer, Buy Now, Shop Online, Click Here etc.

You can make the prospect take action like subscribing, leaving contact details, or download an e-book by placing a smart CTA. CTA’s also give a better user experience and facilitates a smooth buying process by making the prospect walk through the process instead of leaving them confused on how to proceed

2. Boost Success of Ads

People may come across different ads across the internet which are relevant to them. But, what captures the attention and makes them take action is not just the creative, but also CTA.

Placing a Strong and inspiring CTA as the focal point of the ad creative is crucial in the success of any ad campaign. For example, if the ad is about a discount of an e-commerce store, placing Shop now button on the creative helps the prospect in taking immediate action by clicking it and going to the website.

If you want to see an increased visitor engagement and learn more about how to integrate good Call to Action in your digital ads, Contact us.

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