There was a time when Social Media engagement for business was organic and free of cost.

So what about now?

Do you think your posts on Social Media reaching all of your followers?

The answer is NO.

For businesses, it has become hard to reach users only with quality content.

In today’s scenario, hardly a post is reaching 2-3% of the page followers, the reason being the number of users on Social Media.

Organic reach per post in 2012 was around 16% and it has come down to almost 7% in 2014. In 2020, as per the reports, organic reach could be as low as 2%.

The situation of Facebook posts is completely changed now. With the introduction of their Edge Rank Algorithm, users will see more posts from their friends and family and less public content like posts from the businesses, brand, and media.

This Algorithm has created a larger impact on businesses that advertises through Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Still, big companies are somehow getting the engagement as they have a larger audience, but Small and Medium businesses have a lack of engagement through organic reach.

Let’s understand some of the reasons why there is a decline in Social Media organic reach

Time taking process:

As we know that organic reach for desired social media platforms is a slow process as well as rigid. A lot of effort and time is needed to get recognition on Social Media platforms for any company or their respective pages.

Heavy Competition:

Every company or business is online these days and everyone has their Social Media presence. So, there will be tough and heavy competition amongst the business to be visible to the users.

Limited Reach:

Facebook’s new algorithm which was introduced in 2018 concentrated more on user-friendly content. Facebook said it would be prioritizing posts that create meaningful conversations, especially those from family and friends, due to which the business page interaction has come down.

This situation opens up another door for the businesses that is paid advertising. Businesses have shifted to paid ads to reach more customers.

On Facebook, businesses can promote them and reach more users through running Facebook Ads and promoting their posts.

There are certain benefits through Paid Advertising/Facebook ads.

1. More Reach:

This is the major benefit of Facebook Ads. Companies are opting for this option to reach more users. This helps to create brand awareness among the users.

There are nearly 346 million Facebook users there in our country as of 2020, which opens up a huge opportunity for businesses in terms of reach.

Another interesting fact about Facebook Ads is that 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile only.

We can promote our posts by two ways, such as

  • Boosting our posts – With this option, our posts can reach an audience with similar kinds of interests.
  • Paid Campaigns – We can run paid campaigns on Facebook with certain objectives like getting more website visits, more sales, etc.

2. Advanced Targeting:

With Facebook Ads, the target would be more specific. We can target potential users with specific interests and behaviors. Advanced targeting tools can narrow down the customers that businesses are trying to reach. Ads on Facebook allow businesses to reach a broader audience.

3. Objectives can be set:

By using Facebook Ads, companies can set their objectives for why they are running ads. It could be specific like to create brand awareness or to generate leads or generate sales.

Along with that, we can also choose the placements of Ads like where to show our ads on desktop and mobile. Performance and results of business can be tracked and analyzed through Facebook Ads.


With this increased usage of Social Media, it would be difficult to get customers only by using organic reach. Paid ads have gained tremendous importance in today’s advertising.

It is not that every business must opt for paid advertising, but for any business that is looking to get quick results, they should opt for Facebook Ads.

Businesses are opting for Facebook Ads because it gives them the desired results within a shorter period of time.

Facebook Ads experts can help businesses setting up ad platforms and run ads on Social Media. For setting up and running Ads on Social Media platforms, please do contact us.

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