If you have heard about Facebook ads and Google ads but are not clear which is right for your business, this article is for you. While both are great ad platforms, each has its own pros and cons.

Online advertising is now the most sought-after form of marketing in the world. But with so many possibilities out there for advertisers to use, it can get a bit confusing for businesses and brands who are trying to get the best out of their marketing spend. Let’s do a comprehensive comparison of Facebook and Google.

Pros of Facebook Ads:

Facebook is the most used social media platform there is. What makes Facebook such a great ad serving platform is its algorithm. Marketers cannot agree more with the fact that it understands the content liked by its users and delivers ads accordingly.

            This proves effective as the user who is seeing an ad is already aware of the product/service and is also exploring similar products recently. This increases the relevance of the ad to the user and generates an enquiry/sale. Finding the right target audience based on interests and making them aware that you exist and can solve their problem is the main concept of Facebook ads.Pros of Google Ads:

Google, being the most used search engine in the world is leveraging its platforms to show ads to its users. With a number of platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Display network, and Search, it has mastered the art of delivering the most relevant ads. As most marketers would say, if you don’t know where to invest your digital marketing budget, invest in Google Ads.

  It is a great platform, not just to earn customers, but also to understand the market. During our course in this journey, we have identified many untapped opportunities for our clients by understanding the insights of the Google campaign. Apart from leads/sales, we also understand our competition, where the demand exists, new opportunities to explore, etc.

Which platform to choose for your business?

Before choosing which platform is right for you, identify your goal. What do you want to achieve through the campaign? Is it leads, sales, or brand awareness? Figuring out your goal can take you in the right direction and choose the best platform. This is where we come into the picture. We understand your problem and come up with a digital strategy to find the best results.

Google Ads has a high purchase intent audience who already have an existing need when they search. So, this can drive leads/sales. On the other hand, Facebook is a great platform to make people aware of your products/services and convert them through inquiries. In fact, both platforms complement each other by increasing brand awareness, building consideration, and converting to sales based on the funnel stage they are in.

We have an interesting case study of a Pet Grooming brand. They have understood that their secondary service is in more demand than the primary service by running Google Ads. They have successfully leveraged those insights and grabbed the opportunity by expanding into that market.

They have also understood that a specific location is not doing well in terms of search terms. So, they have hopped on to Facebook to find the audience in that location and be visible to them. This is a perfect example to say that Facebook and Google ads work hand in hand when we understand the metrics and take advantage by grabbing opportunities.

 With experience of over 18 years, Inmantech has derived a number of successful strategies for more than 100 clients. To know more about Facebook and Google ads and figure out what works for you, get in touch with us.

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