Lead Generation:

The main objective that any business starts digital activity is predominantly for lead generation. It may be a long process when broken down into pieces. But, there are multiple ways to generate leads for any business.

Different studies say that the biggest challenge that marketing professionals face is generating high-quality traffic. Out of which, content marketing generates around 60% of high-quality leads compared to the sales team or cold calling.

So, through generating traffic, there are multiple ways to bring in leads.

1. Lead Generation through downloads:

A popular method to generate leads is to offer value to the customer through the form of downloads of material like pdfs, infographics, papers, etc.

When a valuable piece of information is offered, it is likely that the reader will enquire to download it. It also builds your reputation and command over the subject.

2. Lead Generation through Email Marketing:

Email marketing can be used not only for generating leads but also for nurturing the existing leads. By offering demo, promo codes, etc, email marketing can bring in more inquiries that are likely to convert and also keep you on top of the mind.

3. Lead Generation through SEO

This is the most sought after method to generate more leads. Optimizing your website and improving the rank brings in relevant traffic to your website along with leads.

Even though it is a time taking process, the results stay consistent over a long period of time. We have worked on a number of clients in bringing relevant traffic and leads through SEO. Reach out to us if you need more information.

4. Lead Generation through Case Studies

Case studies are the best way to explain your expertise over the subject for certain categories of businesses.

When a person takes the effort of filling in the details and download the case study, it can be clearly understood about his interest in what you do.

Case studies give a push to the reader to contact you by showing your expertise in the field.

While all the above methods are organic and time taking, the real game-changer to generate leads instantly is through Google search Ads.

Depending on the kind of leads required, there are different formats of Google ads that can be set up. Once the setup is done, relevant and need-based leads come from the first day itself. As the user comes to Google and searches with an already existing need, the chances of conversion are high.

PPC leads are 50% more likely to convert compared to organic leads.  For every $1 spent on google, the business earns $2. This makes it a very popular ad platform to generate leads and increase revenue.

If you find the right partner who can setup and optimize ads, this can be the best step on Digital for your business. To know more about PPC and SEO, read this blog PPC Vs SEO.

If you want to generate quality and relevant leads for your business using Google ads, contact us.

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