Being a business owner, it is pretty obvious that you know the importance of goals. Did you know that by defining the Macro and Micro properties, goals can be achieved? Want to know how? This blog is for you.

Effective digital marketers use the concept of Macro and Micro goals in digital marketing. Micro goals are like the major milestones & micro-goals are smaller moments which will lead to achieving the macro goals. Sounds simple right?

Macro and Micro Goals in Digital Marketing:

Your online success today depends on your business website. Having a website is a basic necessity today. Many people put a lot of focus on what can be achieved through a website and how to engage the visitors.

Let us take an example of an eCommerce website The macro or primary goal is to make watch sales through the website (Online & Offline).

Does every website visitor buy from the website? It rarely happens in the first visit.

Let’s look at some stats on online buying behaviors:

  • 92% of your website visitors do not buy on the first visit.
  • 38% of the visitors leave the website if they find the layout unattractive
  • 23% abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a user account
  • 54% buy the products left in shopping carts if they are offered at a lesser price.

How close does the marketer take the user from being a visitor to a buyer is where micro goals come into place.

Let’s name the activity a user does on website in quest to buy a product.

  1. He does product search – Step towards wish-list
  2. Adds the products he likes in wish list – Step towards the intent
  3. Adds those products to the shopping cart – Step towards Sale
  4. Looks for contact information – Support or Offline Purchase
  5. Chats for help – Intent
  6. Just drops without doing anything. – Affects Bounce Rate

Now we can create micro-goals that work linear to our macro goal of conversion to remain engaged with our customers. Some micro-goals for eCommerce businesses are newsletter subscription, push notification signup, Video review views, Chat conversation, product comparison etc. The interest of the user in getting to know more about the products/offers is seen here.

Seeing these figures, companies come up with special offers for cart abandoners, personalized offers through emailers for signups etc. as per their activity.

Achieving micro-goals is a subtle way of knowing that you are close to achieving your macro goals.

How we help you identify your goals:

We, at Inmantech DGi, make sure micro-goals are keenly set and observed for a better bigger picture. Through our customized Solution Forward 3X2, we solely work on learning the business challenges that you are facing, coming up with solutions, and turning them into SMART Goals for you.

Forward 3X2 process is done in 3 phases where we discuss and brainstorm the challenges, ideas, and come up with solutions.

  1. Discovery: Learning about the industry, competitors and identifying the challenges
  2. Strategy Direction and Planning session
  3. Phase wise – plan – Defining goals & Objectives, Defining a timeline to achieve Micro goals, milestones, and deliverables.

If you want to know more about Forward 3X2 and move towards success in framing and achieving your business goals, contact us.

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