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Reliance Communications is the only Private Service Provider in India who has an active presence in 19 of the 21 Telecom Circles. RCOM has laid over 1,20,000 km of Optic Fiber in the country, designed to carry Terabytes of data, voice and video traffic. This makes RCOM the only company who is present in all the points of a value chain – from Infrastructure > Network > Services > Solutions > Consulting. RCOM is also proud of the fact that we rolled out the single largest fiber optic network ever in the world last year. RCOM has procured FLAG Telecom, which is a major carrier of International Bandwidth into India. This strengthens our position in the International Long Distance and IPLC market significantly and enables our customers to derive the best Quality of Service in the Indian market.

We are now market leaders in most of the following services under the umbrella of Reliance Communications –

  • Reliance Fixed Line Phone ( FLP)
  • Reliance Smart Office ( Office Centrex ) and Community Phone ( Resi/SOHO)
  • Reliance ISDN PRI & BRI Services
    Reliance Toll Free Number ( RON) / {1800 Service}
  • Reliance Audio & Video Conferencing Service
  • Reliance One Office Solutions for Voice, Data & Video
  • Reliance Call Centre Solutions
  • Reliance Pay Per Use (PPU) for International Call


  • Broadband Dedicated Internet Access Services (DIA)
  • Leased Lines { Intra City & Inter City }
  • International Priced Leased Circuit (IPLC) (IPLC)
  • MPLS VPN, Layer 2 and 3
  • Global International MPLS VPN
  • IDC (Internet Data Centre) for Co-location, Dedicated Server and Managed Services.

Enterprise Internet

Network of networks

Travel by ‘business class’ in cyberspace. Stay a step ahead of the competition. Save money while enhancing productivity, by leveraging the Reliance Enterprise Dedicated Internet access services.

Reliance Broadband Internet Access provides carrier class Internet bandwidth through a dedicated connection over a nationwide fibre-optic IP backbone. Its ‘fibre to building’ approach and the international capacity operated by its group company Flag Telecom means that Reliance can deliver unmatched service quality levels to the enterprise customer.

Key features:

  • A wide choice of bandwidths, from 64 Kbps to 100 Mbps.
  • End-to-end connectivity, including a Reliance-owned-and-operated last mile network.
  • International connectivity through two different routes — trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific.
  • Access technology independent.
    Choice of interface : G.703, V.35 or Ethernet.
  • SLA-based service.
  • Bundled IP addresses, SMTP mail relay and DNS service.
  • Extensive coverage across all the major cities in India.
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk.

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Leased Line

All line clear

The most efficient and cost-effective way to connect two offices is a leased line; it provides a clear and continuous channel between two end points. Little wonder that most large enterprises use leased lines for connectivity. Reliance’s ‘end-to-end leased line’ is delivered through its state-of-the-art optic fibre network with its unique self-healing survivable architecture.

With its ‘fibre-to-building’ approach, Reliance has reduced the last mile to just a few metres of in-building copper cabling. Being mostly optic fibre-based, our network can offer reliable and scalable services with a high degree of availability to our customers.

  • Key Features of Reliance Leased Lines
  • A wide range of bandwidths to chose from:
    • n x 64 Kbps to E1 (2 Mbps)
    • E3
    • DS3
    • STM1
  • Choice of Interface – G.703, V.35 or Ethernet.
  • SLA-based service.
  • Extensive coverage across all the major cities in India
  • End-to-End connectivity, including Reliance-managed local leads.
  • Bundled Modems or converters.
  • Round-the-clock Help Desk.

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Leased Line Virtual Private Network ( VPN )

A network of one’s own Reliance virtual private network (VPN) is a private communications network that can meet all the connectivity and remote access needs of an organisation. Designed specially for the enterprise customer, it offers a totally private, scalable and secure network. VPN is the most effective way to achieve convergence of voice, video and data on a managed network. Key features :
  • A wide choice of bandwidths, from 64 kbps to 100 Mbps.
  • Choice of interface: G.703, V.35 or Ethernet.
  • Integrated VPN: Includes remote access over analog dial-up lines, ISDN, wireless FWP, FWT, RIM and roaming access to VPN for key executives in 1,100 towns all over India.
  • SLA-based service.
  • Extensive coverage across all major cities in India.
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk.
This service is offered by Gateway Systems (India) Ltd, a Reliance Group company. Look it up at Please Contact Us and we will formulate a solution to meet your technology and financial needs. Wanna tell your friend (s) about Reliance Services – Click Here

International Private Leased Line ( IPLC )

Your virtual globetrotter A Reliance international private line is a dedicated, “always on”, leased point-to-point digital circuit for the bulk transport of data, voice and video. It allows simultaneous two-way transmissions of digital signals at speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 155 Mbps. Product variants Half circuit :In partnership with Reliance Communications Inc. Full circuit :End-to-end connectivity in partnership with all major international carriers. A full circuit, it has one point in India and other point in a foreign country. FLAG:The international carrier FLAG Telecom, short for “Fibre Link Across the Globe”, is a Reliance Group company. It owns and manages an extensive optic fibre network that spans four continents and connects key international business markets, through a number of subsidiaries.

FLAG Network

FLAG Europe-Asia : The world’s longest privately funded under-sea fibre-optic cable system, it stretches more than 28,000 km from the UK to Japan and has landing sites in 13 countries. FLAG Atlantic-1 :The world’s first multi-terabit trans-oceanic dual cable system. It provides a fully protected city-to-city service between London, Paris and New York. FLAG North Asian loop : Handles Internet traffic within Asia and offers city-to-city connectivity between Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei. FLAG Europe : A terrestrial network, it links major European business centres and provides intercontinental SDH capacity, as well as 10 Gbps optical wavelength connectivity. Please Contact Us and we will formulate a solution to meet your technology and financial needs. Wanna tell your friend (s) about Reliance Services – Click Here

Pay per Use Telephony ( PPU Telephony)

Managed Voice Services for International Call Centers


  • Dialer in India
  • Delivery in G. 703 E1 ElectRCOMal interface
  • Signaling ISDN ETSI PRI
  • Can be to PABX also for manual outbound calls
  • PABX and Dialer synchronised with Reliance network precision Clock


Toll free /Toll / premium Number service

  • USA and Canada from Tier 1 suppliers like Verizon, Sprint, AT& T…
  • UK, Europe from Tier 1 suppliers like BT, C& W, Colt…
    • Call Handover
    • For US/ Canada, at 1 or 2 locations based on origination for better network efficiency, redundancy
    • For UK/ Europe, at 1 or 2 locations for physical path / PoP level diversity
    • Suppliers chosen have enough Interconnect capacity with ILECs/ RBOCs for better call completion
  • Direct pickup of traffic using interconnect rather than using PSTN as call forward
  • Case study – “Reliance Indiacall” NRI toll free service
  • Reliance can ‘port’ current Toll free number to its network, if required
  • Toll number, DID Customer can use existing Toll free number and map to Reliance toll number

Business Benefits

  • Anywhere in the world inbound/ outbound call center overnight!
    • Open new areas of business without any incremental infrastructure cost
    • Use time zone difference for increasing revenue base without any incremental infrastructure cost
    • USA, UK, Europe, Gulf, Australia or others
  • End-to-end solution form single provider
    • Local loop, National leg, international leg, switching and multiplexing, US PoP and PSTN termination and aggregation services
  • Reduce cost of operations for pilot, new client or expansion of capacity
    • No fixed cost of IPLC,
    • No Capex of compression equipment, routers, cable modems,
    • No recurring Annual Maintenance charges for network devices
    • No manpower required in USA/ UK for network management, server etc.
    • Reduced collocation cost with equipment at your India premise
    • No worries about IPLC network utilisation level and allied operating cost changes
    • No separate IPLC required for different client or redundancy reducing efficiency

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