Looking for an SEO Agency In Hyderabad ?

If you are looking for an SEO Agency then you are at the right place, there are many SEO agencies in hyderabad , but before selecting which one to deal with we recommend you to understand what is SEO, why SEO services are important for your business , how an SEO strategy works and is implemented, How Local SEO impacts your business and finally what to look for in an SEO agency and what are traits of a good SEO company so as to be assured that your SEO project is in hands of one of the best SEO company.
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What is SEO ?

SEO (also known as search engine optimization) refers to the method to improve the quality and amount of visitors to a website through search engines.SEO is a strategy to increase the amount of the unpaid search engine traffic instead of paid. The traffic that is not paid for can originate from various types of searches such as video search, image search, academic search news search, and others.

To ensure that your website is ranked and provides a high-quality output on internet search results .It is essential to comprehend the functions of the Search Engine. Search Engines are digital libraries that index websites. They extract results that are related to the query the user is looking for; this is done by Search Algorithms. The most trusted Search Engine is Google due to its powerful algorithm

Why SEO services ?

In todays’ digital world most businesses have got a website. Online users come to know about your brand if your website is on the top pages of Google Search, in order to bring your site in the top page rankings of search results you need to implement a proper SEO strategy for your website.SEO improves your website visibility when someone searches using keywords related to your businesses thereby increasing the potential to generate organic leads, Hence SEO is imperative if you have a website.

How is SEO beneficial ?

1.You don’t burn money to rank organically

One of the main benefits to SEO is the fact that one doesn’t need to pay for ranking! You simply have to follow the norms of search engine algorithms and do necessary optimizations for the website to rank, and then after..if you get clicks there won’t be any charge, Unlike PPC when someone clicks your ad, you get a toll on your bank account for it.

2.For clicks, SEO is more effective than PPC

Studies have shown that 71.33% of searches account for page1 organic clicks on Google, though Google ads appear above organic results.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason this happens, but the most reasonable conclusion is that people trust the algorithm of Google. They are aware of the ads advertisers pay for, and choose to go to the sites the engine has decided to be the best.
Of course, this is only speculation.
However, regardless of the logic of the argument, the fact remains that the majority of clicks are driven through organic results

3.SEO Offers Great Information :

SEO offers valuable insight about your customers, such as the seasons of the year and the day, month, or time that they are the most active, which regions where the majority of traffic is coming from, the languages they are using when searching to find information, etc. You can also utilize Google Keyword Planner to determine which keywords are relevant to your industry.Google Analytics will tell you plenty about the user’s behavior on the internet, their preferences and interests, as well as. This can aid you in planning a search engine optimization strategy but also help you adjust your strategy when you notice emerging trends in user behavior.

4. SEO leads to store visits:

Local SEO is especially beneficial for small businesses and companies who have an offline presence and not just online. After conducting a local search, there is a high tendency for customers to visit the brick-and-mortar location.n fact, a Think with Google study shows that 88% of people who perform a “near me” search on their mobile phone visit a relevant store within a week.
For instance, an internet user types into “soft furnishing stores in hyderabad”. The search results will show an array of choices. The customer will then visit the best feasible one and end up becoming a customer at that store.

5.SEO Improves Brand Credibility:

Being ranked first, second, or third can provide your customers with the impression that you’re one of the most prominent players in your business. Another advantage of SEO is that it implies that your services are superior to your competitors.However, in the event that you’re on the bottom of results of a search engine, they might not find you ,or, even in the event that there is, then they could consider that you are not credible. This can cause clients to reconsider making business with you, and instead choose a competitor with an online presence that is more reliable and a more favorable reputation.

6.SEO gives you a competitive edge:

Your competitors are likely to invest in SEO so you must too. People who invest a lot of money in SEO typically outrank their competition on search engine results and increase market share. If you think about the fact that outcomes on the very first result page in a Google search generate more than 90 percent of the traffic, you can’t afford not to be on the first page, especially in the event that your competitors are. Begin by identifying your competition by analyzing the strengths as well as weaknesses of their competitors, as well as making sure you manage your reputation online. Make sure that your site loads quickly and is mobile-friendly. Create the most compelling content and concentrate on delivering the most enjoyable user experience.

7.SEO Gets you more followers on Social Media :

Enhancing your visibility on organic search results in increasing followers on social media if your content is excellent they will view you as an expert in your subject since social media sites are the preferred source for up-to-date information for most internet users today, users will begin to follow your pages to be among the first to get relevant news.
In the same way, keeping up with social media and connecting in conversation with customers will boost your website’s traffic, improve the credibility of your brand, and thus improve your SEO overall and rank as well

How to Implement SEO?-The SEO Strategy !

Every SEO agency has their own way of doing and devising the strategy, here we are discussing our’s in brief.


First we understand your business and customer requirements, for this we schedule meetings with our clients.

After detailed discussion with our clients we define their Target Audience , their customer Interests and the Geographical area where they want to target.
Do the necessary keyword research
Do the competition analysis (This involves analysing competitors pages in terms of their backlinks, speed content and keywords, etc)
Come up with Unique content for your target audience (We will provide you with the keywords to come up with the content, if clients want Inmantec-DGi to develop content around the keywords, then we do this at a separate charge.)
Do the Necessary On Page Optimizations with researched out keywords
Do the Goal and Funnel setting in Google Analytics
Measurement and Performance.
Do the SEO writing for your unique content which shall be published on your website (we have discussed below what is SEO Content writing)
Make sure that core web vitals of your website are good
Make sure that UI of your website is such that it retains the customers
Do the necessary OFF page Optimizations (Create backlinks and improve social profile)

SEO Content writing ! What is it ?

Content is one of the most important factors that drive traffic to your website. It should be properly optimized with correct keywords and proper keyword density so as to rank in top tier results. Our SEO services make sure that your content fits into the SEO writing rules and at the same time sound natural so that you don’t miss important traffic.

What types of content can be optimised with SEO writing?

The following types of content are highly recommended for optimizations with SEO content writing.

Product Pages: These basically include the description of your product giving clarity to the user of what they are purchasing, these pages need to be optimised with SEO content to rank in the top tier search results

Blog Posts: These are trending informational posts which the user might be interested to dig in more deeply to gather information and make decisions.SEO content writing plays a vital role for making the blogs appear in the top pages of Google search results.

Guides: Guides are required to be properly furnished with SEO content as they come in very handy for the users, Guides an extended piece of content that provides in-depth instructions on the steps to take. (Guides are usually broken down across multiple web pages but it’s the best method to allow users to browse through long pieces of content on one page when they’d like to.) You can publish a complete guide on your site or publish a summary or an excerpt, and ask users to sign up on a form to access the complete guide. This could be a great method to attract leads.

Videos:The general rule is that there are less videos on the internet than text pages and, consequently, it could be more effective to be ranked on the first page of results for keywords that are competitive by making videos rather than an article. Based on the kind of website or company you operate, videos could be an excellent method of attracting and reaching the right audience. You might consider creating videos that demonstrate how you can use your products. You could also demonstrate a process relevant to your business., All these Videos would require optimizations from SEO perspective.

Infographics: Infographics which are large-format images which contain lots of information (often presented in charts or graphs) for a specific topic, can generate many page views and clicks. However, since much of the information is contained in the image and not text makes it difficult for the search engines to read, therefore naming of image files and other parts of the page areas require SEO Optimization.

What are Local SEO Services ? Do you need them ?

Local SEO is a type of digital marketing services that assist companies to appear in the results of search related to location like for those near to the company. For instance local SEO can aid the Furnishing shop to rank if any user is searching for “Furnishing stores near me”.

Many customers are searching for local businesses on a daily basis and about 85 percent of potential customers require online capabilities to enable brand transactions. Without a solid local business SEO presence, you’re not gaining important leads, traffic as well as sales potential.

The way Local SEO Services Drives Lead Generation

Create a Brand Name that is More Easily Identifiable

There are many elements involved in the creation and execution of an effective marketing strategy which includes lead generation as well as local search. Leveraging leads is the vitality of your business. Without a constant supply of leads that are qualified your company will be unable to generate sales and expand. Local SEO however, on the contrary, is an avenue to drive potential customers to your website.

Local SEO services for businesses including local citations and the Google My Business optimization service will help you generate leads by increasing the visibility of your brand and increasing natural traffic towards your site. The more people within your local area are able to view your site, the better the chance of getting clicks and turning these into potential customers.

Local SEO Services Benefits Summarised:

More footfall to your store location

Get Repeated business

Reduce Advertisement Cost

Improve your lead generation

More traffic to the website.

SEO Packages @ Inmantech-DGi

Every company and website owner has a common question, Is SEO budget-friendly ? Inmantech DGI provides affordable SEO services for your business with trusted services and measurable results.

Our SEO packages start from as low as 20000 INR per month for 10 keywords, however the cost is subject to change depending on the number keywords, their competition level and industry of your business.
Please contact us to get an estimate according to your detailed requirements.

Here are some common SEO FAQs to give you more clarity about our SEO Services!

Is content for the website provided by Inmantech-DGi ?

For content development we charge separately, clients can either take the service from us or somewhere else, however in either of the cases we will provide the client with necessary keywords around which the content is required to be built.

How long does it take to rank in Google First Page?

It will approximately take 6 months for the ranking to show up in the first pages of Google, however rankings can take effect prior to it.

Are Rankings on SERPs Guaranteed?

No one can guarantee specific ranking , beware of SEO Agencies that make such a claim.

For SEO Services, Why Prefer Us ?

13+ years of SEO industry experience

We have successfully made our clients rank in the first page of Google, our clients speak for our quality works.

We have experience in various niches, thereby making us more sophisticated and advanced in understanding our clients business.

We blend content marketing with SEO there by bringing in more ROI.

We leverage the latest AI tools and technologies for better and faster results.

We make sure that your website is optimised as per latest Google guidelines so that the website is not affected by any Google update.

Our team comprises SEO experts who have worked for various top agencies driving a lot of revenue to clients.

Some Tips on how to select the best SEO Agency for your business?

Make a visit to the SEO company

You will better understand people you are dealing with only if you meet them physically, with this you will get to know about their team and attitude as well.

Check their client Portfolio
Having a good client portfolio means they have got quiet experience and are capable of devising a SEO strategy and taking it all the way to the end for execution.
Check for Google Reviews
Customers usually leave reviews on Google describing their experience dealing with the agency, more positive reviews than negative is apparently a good signal, However this is one among the many factors that can help you to some extent in making a choice.
Watch out for Guaranteed claims
Genuine SEO companies never make claims for guaranteed top rankings, as the rankings are subjected to Google policies and algorithm updates, So just protect your business from SEO agencies that claim too big.
Try verifying the team
It’s ultimately the team that will be working on your website for ranking, try finding if the team comprises experienced professionals.

Qualities of a Best SEO Company

A reliable SEO firm will treat each client on a different path and provide them with specific solutions to their business. They spend time learning about their clients’ expectations, objectives, requirements and needs to be able to offer customized plans following consultation with them. They also look into your competition’s strategies and develop a strategy that is more effective for your company.

The digital marketing field is growing every day, as are SEO techniques. A reliable SEO business will always keep up-to-date with the latest developments and changes in SEO strategies. They swiftly study the latest methods and apply them to the clients’ requirements.

SEO engines are becoming more sophisticated every day, and it’s time to upgrade your methods too.Naive SEO companies use outdated methods and practices without yielding organic leads as desired.A reputable SEO company can not only perform a better job in identifying terms, but will also ensure that they are placed in a professional manner identical on a site to get the desired results.

A trustworthy and reliable SEO company will employ white hat methods when offering services to customers. They don’t employ black hat techniques that gives them faster results but for short term as their high chances that you website get penalised by search engine for breaking the ethical rules , which may lead to banning of website from search engines and ultimately losing business
This is an essential characteristic of a successful SEO business; they are able to work in tandem with their team. They motivate employees to conduct research to keep abreast of Google algorithms. They provide continuous training to their staff. A reputable SEO company places an importance on training for staff members- to take advantage of the latest technology in SEO as well as digital techniques that are available on the market. The business isn’t afraid to invest in the latest tools and technology needed to ensure maximum effectiveness. A reliable SEO company will always employ a variety of employees including link builders, web designers to copywriters. Each employee is able to sharpen their abilities to produce better results as they build a complete SEO campaign.

In the end, the credibility of a best SEO company is determined by how it performs. In every aspect of existence, if your clients are paying a good price, they’ll expect results that are realistic. In general , the top SEO firms will offer.

  • Provide long-term results and generate long-term revenues.
  • Improve brand visibility.
  • Generate Quality leads and Boost Sales.