Are you Looking for Social Media Agency in Hyderabad?

If yes, then you are at the right place,  Social media has surprised the world since its unique creation.
The number of social media users has ascended to more than 4 billion.
In case you’re new to social media, what you need to comprehend as an entrepreneur is that at its center social media is a spot for individuals to associate with companions, family, and brands the same. It keeps on developing at a booming rate you’ll need to exploit for your business in order to capture your market share, this is the place where a “Social media agency” comes in and help you generate leads and sell your stuff online.


Inmantech-DGi have been providing these services for almost 13 years for small businesses, startups, MNC’s, private ventures, undertakings, and different area organizations.

How we work for your business ?

1.Understand your business and its future goals
2.Make a plan
3.decide the right social platforms for your business
4.Figure out the audience to be targeted
5.Build a social network
6.Follow trends and standards for reaching maximum audience
7.Initiate lead and selling campaigns on social platforms
8.Form a database of the leads generated
9.Remarketing by Automation tools
10.Monitor and Improve performance

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  1. Facebook marketing services
  2. Instagram marketing services
  3. Linkedin marketing services
  4. Twitter Marketing services
  5. Quora Marketing Services
  6. Pinterest Marketing Services

Social media management pricing packages

Our Social Media Management services start from as low as 20000 INR per month!

Social Media Management cost incurred to the ROI generated has satisfied our clients and this has been the reason for success till today.

Social media is the most cost-effective and important way to engage with clients and building up trust. With our social media management pricing package, you can feel assured that your social media accounts are in trustable hands.

Instagram Management Services

Instagram is the best social media platform to promote a product and it is helpful to every e-commerce business where you can target a huge audience who are actually interested in your product. On Instagram, there are enthusiastic followers and huge engagement. We will optimize your Instagram profile and we will post the content regularly each day so that we can reach more audiences, apart from the regular scheduling we devise engagement ideas after studying your business thoroughly.