There is no secret that Customers when search for a new business, they look for the Google reviews and ratings and they rely on that for which company to choose.

What do these Google review star ratings mean?

Google has made the Star Ratings for the Business / company to determine the quality of the business. Now, these ratings impact your business potentially – it is for worse or for Better. It’s important to take both the changes into notice so that the reputation of your company doesn’t go down.

Now the questions are

1. How is Google Star ratings classified?

 2. How does a Google Star rating impact the business?

3. How to handle when Consumer gives you Low Google ratings?

Generally the Google star Ratings are scaled up from 1 to 5.

So when a Customer leaves you a Google rating of 1, It means the service is Disappointed, When it is 2 Star rating it means not satisfied, and for 3 star it is Just satisfied and for 4 star and 5 Star, it indicates Satisfied and Very much Satisfied.

When Customer leave you a Google star rating of 1 or 2:

  • Thank the customer / reviewer.
  • Acknowledge and Apologize.
  • Commit to Customer service.
  • Convert the conversation to offline.

Note: The Low Google star ratings will help your business because it shows the human side of your business which is very important for any business and do you know 85% of buyers search for negative reviews to settle on educated buy choices.

When Customer leave you a Google star rating of 3:

  • Thank the customer.
  • Reinforce the positive and address the negative.
  • Be brief and be natural and casual.
  • Take their view and rectify as soon as possible.

Note: This 3 star rating indicates the customer liked the service but wants us to improve in some places. This is a great thing for our business to develop.

When Customer leave you a Google star rating of 4 or 5:

  • Thank the customer
  • Respond to the Specific points in their review

Note: Having More 4 and 5 star ratings helps your business to grow more but make sure the Customers who are leaving these ratings are genuine which should not affect your business.


Low Google Star Ratings can help your business get better. If there are only 4-star and 5-star reviews/ ratings then it can create doubt in the minds of the user.

So, having both high and low Ratings will help the business grow more. Having low star ratings is not at all a Bad Sign for the Business

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