Website weds Digital Marketing

As business owners, we all want to see our business succeed. We want to increase sales, get our product into the hands of more people, capture more leads, and increase the amount of exposure that our brand gets. When we are working on all of these things, many of us forget about a very important part of our business:

Our website

When all things are considered – your social media marketing, your content marketing, your email marketing, your traditional outbound advertising, your printed brochures and other marketing materials – your website still stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most important marketing tool you have at your disposal.


Because all else points to your website.
No matter where and how a prospect discovers that your business exists – a tweet, a blog post, an ad in the back of a newspaper, a recommendation from a colleague – he/she will always validate your existence by looking up your website.
It is vital that ongoing digital marketing forms part of any company’s web development strategy. It is no longer enough to develop a website and just leave it. Digital marketing tactics should be developed so that the website remains current and can be found. Tactics can vary from search engine optimisation to ‘pay per click’, content strategies to social media integration.

What is Website weds Digital Marketing?

A program designed for business who already has a website or developing a new one and wants to include Digital marketing strategy, tools, tactics & technology on their website.
The program offers you an unbiased outsider’s view & independent industry expert’s analysis in areas such as the strategic direction you should consider, the tactical plan to be implemented on your website that may be required and operational approach that will deliver your best online business.

Digital Marketing technologies are evolving, every day, there are new tactical technologies invented every day, as a digital marketing company, we understand these implementations on the website would drive in more traffic and engagement.
The web presence suggestion and implementation covers the following aspects of the website and digital marketing

If your website chooses to use flashy videos and large images that slow down loading times, visitors will get frustrated and leave. Similarly, if visitors can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, your website’s navigation needs to improve. Creating a user-friendly experience is important to attract visitors and get them to keep coming back.
First impressions count — how does your website stack up? The look and feel of your website should be consistent with all other marketing materials including whitepapers, product sheets, etc. Is your branding communicating the right message about your business?
One of the most common reasons companies overhaul their website is to make it more search engine friendly. Having quality content that isn’t duplicated should be part of every SEO strategy. Having duplicate content on multiple pages can kill your search engine rankings. Having fresh, updated content through a company blog is another way to drive traffic to your site and improve your ranking.
Conversion rate optimization (CRO). Conversion rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action such as purchase a product or sign up for an email list. Effective web design can help improve the layout, text, and online forms to improve your conversion rates and increase sales.
Most companies are now leveraging the power of social media in their marketing campaigns. However, many aren’t fully exploiting social media on their company website. Social media and your website can blend together seamlessly to promote your brand and increase your online presence.
Most small business websites are still trying to deliver a static, one-size-fits-all marketing message to ALL of their website visitors. This conversion killer has to be put to an end. Implementing the basic engagement automation looks like mailchimp, mailerlite, foxpush, live chat, will help build owned audience for future engagement of products and service.
If you have run any pay-per-click advertising campaigns that lead visitors to visit your website, you know the importance of landing pages. The click from the ad to the landing page should be seamless and direct visitors to take a desired action. Often, the ad may have a different look and feel from the website, leading to a ‘disconnect’ for the visitor. Your web design plan should take into consideration the entire user experience from start to finish. Effective web design ties together various components of your digital marketing plan and helps elevate the user experience to entice them to come back time and time again – a sign of a well-designed website.
Google analytics and Webmaster tools are two great tools by Google which helps webmasters get insights about their website. However, they perform slightly different functions in how they gather and report data.
A lot is to be gained by connecting and linking Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. The biggest benefit is from the Search Engine Optimization perspective.