Remarketing: understanding the concept and applying it to your business saves you tons of money.

Did it ever happen to you that you looked out for a product on a shopping website and it haunted you in every website/app you saw until you purchased it?

Have you ever wondered why the same product is being visible to you again and again? In digital marketing, it is called Remarketing/Retargeting.

Did you know that around 79% of the people leave their shopping cart without making their purchase? And among them, 70% are likely to convert if they see a retargeting ad? They are the most attractive target to businesses as they already have brand awareness and purchase intent.

Are you taking taking action on these valuable prospects?

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is nothing but showing your ads to the people who already visited your website. Your ads can be shown on the websites that they browse, or even on social media platforms.

How are they tracked?

When the user visits a website, the code from your retargeting partner drops a cookie in the browser. This cookie tracks the websites that are opened by the user later and your ad platform can show the ads on those websites.

To site a general example, it is just like knowing what your user wants and serving the same ads. This is the main reason why ROI is high in Remarketing campaigns.

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Types of Remarketing:

1. Email Remarketing:

This is the oldest form of remarketing used by businesses. When newsletters are sent to the subscribers of our website/Database, the users who click and visit the website can be retargeted.  This way, businesses can retarget them and send personalized emails with offers to complete the loop of purchase.

Did you know that clicked remarketing emails average to 57% conversion rate? Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

2. Facebook Remarketing:

Facebook has an analytics tool called Facebook pixel through which we can track site visitors. This data help us to retarget them later through Facebook ads.

They can be targeted through Facebook custom audience, where we can see who interacted with our page, website or even upload a customer contact list and target them on Facebook.

You can also retarget your existing customers to upsell. Compared to first time customers, chances to convert repeat customers are 9x more likely!

3. Google Remarketing:

Google, being the most important platform for remarketing ads gives great results. There is a 10x more chance to convert a retargeting ad than a regular display ad. And, the more budget you spend on Display ads, the more your ads are shown and the conversion increases. We can also target people depending on the length of the videos they watched earlier or upload existing contact lists.

Google also gives a huge scope in acquiring new customers as it creates brand awareness to the audience through attractive visuals and logos.

There are third party ad-network like double click, DSP and content marketing ad service which can also be a part of this re-marketing idea.

The results of Remarketing on Google makes you rethink the entire strategy and put your money here.

How can remarketing bring success to your business?

1. Convert more leads into purchases

Instead of looking for new customers, the perfect and effective leads to pursue are those who went to your website, seen some items, or even those who added some in the cart. It becomes easy to remind these leads that they spent time browsing your products. This is an easier battle than pulling people to your website. These leads often convert into purchases knowing your company and product base.

2. Be on top of the mind

Bringing people to your website is not the end of marketing. Reminding them about your brand and being on top of the mind is the most crucial.

Once your prospects see your ads over some time, they will be associated and recall your brand when there arises a need for your product or service.

Use Remarketing and you will never let your prospects forget you. You will be on the top of mind when they need you!

3. Cut costs

Instead of spending huge tons of money over the Google Display network in order to be visible to new people, showing your ads to those who already know you is an efficient way to spend money. There is a huge chance that these ads will pay for themselves through the sales they make.

Needless to say, businesses should never miss out on remarketing ads to increase their revenue.

What we can do

Using remarketing codes, creating lists to setup campaigns & Optimizing the campaigns for best results requires not just knowledge on the tools, but marketing sense and a deep understanding of business models.

We at Inmantech DGi, have been planning and implementing digital strategies and experimenting with different campaigns for over 17 years. We have served more than 100 clients whom we saw them grow.

Contact us to start your Digital Marketing journey with us and experience the true form of marketing.

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