Did you know that the online reviews customers write about your business either make or break your business?

91% of the people who visit your business online read your reviews and 84% of them believe it. Such is the importance of reviews in the Digital world!

Why are online reviews important?

1. Online Reviews build credibility for your business:

72% of customers do not take action to consider your product/service until they read reviews. There is little chance a customer buys your product without reading a review online. Keeping that in mind, when they read positive reviews about your business, it creates trust about your business and strengthens your reputation and the battle is half won.

2. Clear Impact on sales:

There are a number of studies that proved that positively viewed brands impact positively on their sales. A single business review has the capacity to lift conversions by 10%.

Likewise, even a small improvement in your star rating affects your sales and makes a massive impact. Social Proof makes it easier for the prospect to take a decision in your favor.

3. Online Reviews increase your visibility:

In these days where algorithms favor originality, Search engines are indexing and surfacing rankings to those brands which have original content. Building up reviews is like feeding content for your brand to make it more visible to customers who search.

Having known the importance of reviews, let us see some tips to build reviews and credibility for your business

1. Claim ownership and set up your profile:

63.6% of consumers first visit Google to read reviews of a business. As simple as this sounds, very few businesses take action on this. The profile created by default on Google should be claimed, edited, and used to the optimum by businesses. Claiming ownership and editing it as per the standards of Google helps in showing your profile when somebody searches for your related product/service.

To know more about how to claim ownership & setup your profile, contact us

2. Do not stick to a single source:

Google is not the only source to build your reviews. There are multiple platforms that are good enough to build your reviews and grow your visibility. Some research and strategy building in this area would help your business positively.

Explore your customized review strategy by contacting us.

3. Ask for online reviews & make it easy:

70% of consumers read at least four to five reviews before they trust a business.

Customers do not give reviews voluntarily unless they face a bad experience. To get good positive reviews, it is absolutely necessary to ask and take them. There are smart ways to ask and make it simple for your customers to navigate until the review page across platforms.

With these inputs, we hope you are inspired to work on the review strategy for your brand.

Inmantech DGi has worked with hundreds of clients and set their review strategy right. To get yours, contact us.

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