Has your Facebook account been hacked? If yes, you must have wondered why the account was hacked.

We will hear a lot of people saying, and even my friends say this, that my Facebook account has been hacked. And sometimes this is not hacking we use these words for all different kinds of frauds, hacks, clones etc.

Facebook Account Hacking

There are some technical hackers who hack your Facebook account for fun and some hackers to copy your details and use them for some illegal activities and there are also some people who will post and comment on stuff which we generally don’t do. All these are done by hacking your account which is taking your account into their custody and performing the actions from your account.

Cloning the Facebook Account:

If your Facebook account has a strong password, and they can’t hack your account. There are other types of Hackers or Fraud people, they will prepare the same Facebook account as yours and send requests to friends of yours, make the profile picture the same as you have. All the details exactly resemble your Facebook account. This is cloning your account and in which with the name of yours, they perform the actions for which they were intended to.

So the things which are to be done to safeguard our Facebook profiles from the hackers and from the people who clone our data and work that in their favor. Here are some of the things that we should do.

What to do?

  1. You can protect your social media accounts by having complex passwords. Make sure they’re not common words. Mix uppercase and lower case and some special characters include at least 12 characters. These are nearly impossible to crack.

2. Don’t ever use the same passwords for social media profiles which is the same for online banking passwords, make sure you use different passwords for different accounts.

3. Keep Your account in private mode or lock it so that no one has access to your details except your friends.

4. Add a Two- factor authentication to your account so that when someone tries to log in to your account. You will be getting an authentication code to your mobile or mail. From which you can safeguard your account.

5. Be careful while accepting friend requests. When you get friend requests from an unknown person, don’t accept them to increase your friend’s list. It may dig you into trouble.

6. Your best bet for defending yourself from hacks is to trust no one and nothing. Go to the URL of the business which is claiming it needs your information yourself to make sure it’s the right website. Contact the administration before you follow the message.  

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