Why is Youtube a hotspot for marketers today?

It is second to Google Search

YouTube is an incredibly growing platform, and it is the second most-searched-for engine, second only to Google. More than one million YouTube minutes are watched around the globe every single day. This is a huge impact and is what makes YouTube an engaging platform that has huge potential.
With YouTube, you can promote to your customers with videos that are engaging and do the apt audience targeting.

YouTube videos are very popular

Videos grew dramatically as the most loved type of content. In actual fact, users are 10 times more likely to engage with the video than with a piece of text. The need for graphic representation of data has created the need for a visual representation of information. YouTube is the most popular video site.
Because YouTube videos are very well-known and popular, you’re more likely to connect with and engage your viewers. The average amount of videos watched daily on YouTube exceeds five billion which means you’ll have plenty of chances to engage and reach your viewers.

Over 1 billion hours of YouTube video content are viewed each day by people

YouTube has a large user base. They also have an engaged audience with more than 1 billion hours worth of video content being viewed every day. Any type of brand can reach an audience with the right video content strategy. We as a youtube ads agency help your business to grow online

YouTube is available in more than 100 countries and 80 different languages

Another amazing statistic that highlights the huge number of YouTube users is YouTube’s video platform which is accessible in more than 100 countries . It is also localized into 80 languages. YouTube can reach many different demographics, and you can even publish video content into various languages to support an international marketing strategy.

YouTube is more popular than any other TV channel among 18-34 year-olds

Are you trying to figure out where to place your video advertising budget? YouTube is the best place to reach older Gen Zers or Millennials. YouTube reaches more 18-24 year-olds than any other TV channel. Plus, 77% 15-35 year-olds in America have an active presence on YouTube.

This is what makes YouTube among the top effective advertising channels, particularly if you contrast it with television. The biggest advantage for YouTube is the fact that your call-to-action is an easy click away.More over  55% of marketers use youtube as per Social Media Examiner report .

Benefits of Youtube Ads:

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1. YouTube ads are highly focused

The ability to target your audience is vital for the success of your campaign. YouTube ads let you precisely determine the audience you would like to reach.
You can choose to target your audience through:

  • Demographics The target users are based upon factors such as age, location gender, the gender of the user, their parental status, and many other factors.
  • Themes: Connect with audiences on subjects of interest.
  • Customer Match Empowering your customers with first-party, offline as well as online information, you’ll have the ability to reconnect with customers who’ve expressed an interest in your business previously.
  • Related Audiences Targeting similar audiences allows you to utilize Customer Match information to target users who are similar to the ones who usually show an interest in your advertisements.
  • Remarketing of videos: Target users who have viewed your videos as well as YouTube adverts in the past.
  • An affinity audience is a target group that includes those who are interested in the subject matter that is relevant to your company.
  • Affinity audience custom-designed for you: Target users in an even more specific way by creating custom affinity audiences that let you focus on a particular group of users with a very particular set of interests that are related to your business.
  • In-market customers: Target audience who are actively searching for your products in the market.
Through YouTube’s targeting options, you are able to target an extremely specific group of users or more general audiences depending on the type of items you’re trying to sell.
It could require some trial and error to determine the best way to reach your target audience however, Inmantech DGi can assist you in deciding on the best targeting options to ensure the most successful campaign.
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2. YouTube ads are economical

If you’re experienced with PPC advertising, then you’re aware that it’s a cost-effective method. If you’re unfamiliar with PPC it’s simple to see why it’s a lucrative option -You only pay for each time someone clicks on your ad.

In addition, you can decide how much you’ll pay for each click.

This means that you’ll never spend too much on PPC ads , and you’ll not overspend on advertising space.

What is the reason we are discussing PPC advertisements on a webpage about YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertisements follow the PPC model that operates in the same manner, which makes it very economical.

3. YouTube video ads help to connect with your target viewers

Are you more in touch with the brand when you watch a commercial or an article in the local newspaper?

The majority of people feel more connected when watching a commercial because they can witness a brand’s actions. It is a chance to get acquainted with the characters who are the face of the brand. They also get to know their values as a business and learn the way a service or product performs.

In addition, YouTube video ads let you engage with your audience by turning on the camera.

Be aware that there’s a wide variety of YouTube ads formats to select from, but if you are doing it correctly you can reach out to your viewers with each of the formats.

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4. YouTube advertising can bring quick results

Given that YouTube has more than 2 . billion daily users it’s simple to see why you’ll get the results so quickly.

Making sure your ads are to be seen by more people will result in more clicks, website traffic, and ultimately, more sales.

The massive audience that YouTube has built is an ideal advertising platform that you’ll be able to see the results fast.

For instance, it could take you a lot longer to get results if you send out 10 emails. So, only 10 users are able to see your ad. Of course, lists of email subscribers generally have higher than that -which makes email an excellent marketing technique.

But, with this huge number of viewers, YouTube guarantees fast results as a large number of users will mean more people are interested in your business.

And , speaking of huge crowds…

You might need a Youtube Advertising Agency if :

1.There's no time for you to promote

If you’re running your business, you may not often have time to conduct a YouTube advertisement. Your focus should be on the everyday activities of your company. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore the advantages of having a YouTube marketing campaign.

If you prefer, depend upon our YouTube advertising firm to execute your advertisement campaign. We have the expertise and experience to assist you succeed with your campaign. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to generate high Return over investment for our clients.

You’ll be able to focus on running your business , while our YouTube advertising firm is working on your campaign. You can enjoy the most efficient of both.

2.You're not sure how to begin an YouTube advertisement campaign

Many companies aren’t sure how to begin a YouTube advertisement campaign.

You’re aware that you’d like to launch a campaign but you’re not sure where to begin one or how to improve your videos or even how to measure the outcomes that your campaigns are achieving. Our agency can assist.

If you choose to partner with us, you’ll be working with experts. We’ve run YouTube advertisements and are able to assist you to create a successful campaign. There’s no stress about learning YouTube’s workings.

3.You need Great Results

Great results come with experience, Great experience comes with time , planning and a great team. We have been in this business for 13 years and have given on par to our commitments to our clients. We have built a great team of certified advertisers, who will handle your account with utmost aim to maximise ROI , they will keep on optimising your campaigns until a practical desired outcome is achieved because after all you need a youtube advertising agency for great results.

What you Get from us as a Youtube Ads Agency

Dedicated certified account manager to handle your Account
Advanced Lead Tracking Systems
We are Google Certified Partner
Continuous optimizations for Maximum ROI

Transparent Pricing

There might be many Youtube Ads agencies but we think there are only a few with transparent and result oriented traits , finally the decision is yours.

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