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Facebook is the most famous and widely social media platform with 3 billion (Approx) end-users and most of these users check their profiles at least once a day.

As going by its popularity and end-users, Facebook Advertising can be a platform you want to look upon to reach your targeted audience.

Maximize your ROI with our reliable Facebook Ads Service.

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Features of Facebook Ads

Largest Social Platform

Facebook is a platform that has a wider audience; nearly 2.8 billion monthly active users were recorded on Facebook. Most of the users check their profiles at least once a day. This simply means that there is someone that you can advertise.


We can target the people who have shown interest in our service/product, but failed to convert. The retargeting option is available we can reach out to specific people and show our ads to them. This will make our advertising more efficient & effective.

Brand Awareness

If you want to build a brand for your business, Facebook is a very much effective platform to work on. As a larger section of people is active on this platform, our work becomes somewhat easier and effective.

Niche Audience

Facebook helps you to find the exact audience for our products/ Services. As we have the flexibility to choose the people based on Demographics, Interests, & Location. This will make sure that we are targeting the perfect audience we are looking for.

Less Expensive

Facebook is also a little less expensive than other online advertising tools. This will help in getting a much higher return on investment (ROI) as the spending on it is low.

How Inmantech DGi can help?

Highly Skilled Professional: – Inmantech is a social media marketing company that is also familiar with Facebook advertising and has vast experience in handling their campaigns. Our expert team can scale up and make your business more famous. We have worked with many big names and proved our existence.
Cost-Effective Strategy: – Facebook advertising can be one of the best ways to generate a good amount of business for your website. But it requires expertise in creating ads. Ads should be created properly so that you shouldn’t end up losing money. Our digital expert team is always there to help you out. We have a team of young and talented professionals who can create ads that reduce your CPC and generate maximum leads with minimum spending.
Goal-Oriented Strategy: – Inmantech Facebook Ads management strategies are designed to meet the needs of our clients and their market conditions. We provide up-to-date social media marketing services that include: Lead Ads, Video Ads, Single image Ads, Facebook pixels.
Our Name Speaks: – Inmantech is a top Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad providing the best Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Digital Marketing Services all over India.

How Inmantech is different from others?

Facebook Campaign Management:- As we can observe that online marketing is overtaking traditional forms of marketing. With the help of our Facebook campaign management services, we will plan and manage your Facebook ads in a more effective way.
Facebook Ad Audience Targeting:- Putting your ads in front of the people who really want your products/services is an important and challenging role. As we are Industry experts for the past 13+ years we can do that for you effortlessly.
App/Event/Post Engagement:- Our experts will craft and publish content, events, and company announcements on your company’s behalf to create awareness and engagement among your targeted audience.
Traffic Diversion:- Our Facebook marketing experts always find a way to get more leads and engagements. They keep on formulating various strategies to redirect the appropriate traffic to land on your desired product page.
A/B Testing of Different Ads:- Generally Facebook ads can fail if you don’t do A/B Testing. If you have a decent budget then you can try out this technique and check different Facebook Ads and landing pages. This will help you find out which one is performing better.

Facebook Ads can help your business with the following objectives

Brand Awareness: – If you want to build a brand for your business, Facebook is a very much effective platform to work on. As a larger section of people is active on this platform, our work becomes somewhat easier and effective.

Maximum Reach: – Facebook is a platform that has a wider audience; nearly 2.8 billion monthly active users were recorded on Facebook. Most of the users check their profiles at least once a day. This simply means that there is someone that you can advertise.

Website Traffic:- When your major focus is to redirect people from Facebook to your website. Facebook Advertising is an effective way to do it. This improves traffic visits to your website.

Messenger Ads:- You can start a conversation with your customer via message ads, making it easy for scaling up your business. Click-to-Messenger ads are more effective than ever, improving the merit of campaigns that drive traffic to Messenger.

User Engagement: – If your post engagement is doing well organically but you want to grow your engagement further then you can choose Facebook engagement objective covers page likes, event responses, post reactions, comments, and shares.

App Installs: – If you have a primary objective to improve app install then Facebook advertising makes it possible. Generally after launching the application first few hours are very important. This is the time when we can take the help of Facebook.

Video Views: – Video content is becoming more famous now a day, People generally love it. If you have a video that you can think create a huge impact and add value for your company then you can choose Facebook advertising for making your video more viral.

Lead Generation: – Lead generally refers to the signup process. For suppose you are offering any services and want to know the audience interest in it. Then you have created a form that will pop-up after the user clicks on your ads. This form can simple details as per your requirement like names, email-id, contact numbers, Occupation Etc. After getting this valuable information you can contact them and make them convert.

Website Conversion: – Facebook Advertising helps your business grow through your website. Whatever may be your objective Sales, page visits, or any other action. These ads can help you out in getting your desired results.

Product Catalogue Sales: – If you are an e-commerce company and want to show specific product remarketing ads to someone after the user has viewed your product online before on your website/blog.

Store Visits: – If you have more outlets in a single city then you can choose Facebook ads to target the people who stay nearer to your location and target them with dynamic campaigns to attract them and make them visit your store.

Our Core Strength

Analyze & Plan

When people come to Inmantech, we value and appreciate your ideas. We generally plan and analyze how your ideas can be marketed to reach the targeted audience, identifying the target groups, who are your competitors in shared space.

Content Creation

As we all know that content is always a king. We believe that quality content is generally a base for any advertising channel. We do a lot of research for content and we have an expert team who deals with it. This will help in making your content and ads more relevant and valuable.

Brand Marketing

We formulate a long-term digital strategy for your organization’s branding. Whatever may be your social media objective, we make necessary planning for it. Our team is always one call away from you to assist and listen to you. By keeping long-term planning in mind it’s become easier for business to run smoothly.


Once setting up a digital strategy, we work on optimizing and retargeting users. This will result in conversions, customer loyalty, & Brand recognition. We can also reach out to them for any new services/products that can attract them.

Track and Repeat

We maintain daily reports and analytics that help us in monitoring our success and failures. Further, we evaluate the process and check which process is performing well and which is not. Simply we continue with the process which is performing well. This research will help in saving Client-money.
Our expertise in ad copy, conversion optimization, and retargeting helps in getting the best cost-effective results. We go an extra mile in building the best campaign. Read our case studies for more details (Link to case studies)


Our Facebook ad agency pricing starts from as low as 20000 INR per month!

This includes:

Facebook Business Page and Ad account Setup

Facebook Ad description and text

Optimization of ads whenever necessary

Dedicated Facebook Marketing Consultant

Fast Responses to Customer Interactions


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