Be On Search

A Cost-effective Customer Acquisition Solution on Google Search.

Be visible, attract new customers, and grow your business by being on search.

Be On Search Advantages:

Drive Website Visits

Grow online sales, bookings, or mailing list signups with online ads that direct people to your website.

Get More Phone Calls

Increase customer calls with ads that feature our phone number and a click-to-call button.

Increase Shop Visits

Get more customers in the door with business ads that help people find your company on the map.

Be On Search:

A Cost-effective Customer Acquisition Solution on Google Search.

The rising digital age is bringing more people online, and there is a need for every urban business to capture a large portion of their customer base online. The power of digital media has been proven, a strong way to reach the people. This also gives exposure to a global market.
The best way to draw the attention of people is to become visible. Inmantech, Google certified Adwords Agency, makes everyone see that you are out there and notice you. How can this be done? “BE ON SEARCH” is the new solution to your online presence. Since Google is the largest search platform, BE ON SEARCH solution is designed for Google (Google Ads/SEO/Google my business).

Hear from the Founder : Benefits of Be On Search Solution for businesses

Why Be On Search?

Give your products a larger audience

Every time you want something today, the easiest way to find it is by searching online. Now when a search is done online, there may be millions of results to the search. Check how our BE ON SEARCH feature can benefit you and show your website on the top!

  1. The most used function on the internet is Google search; every second million of people around the world are searching for everything.
  2.  BE ON SEARCH helps you get access to this market, opening out the vast scope for business.
  3.  It helps the customer know about the product building trust and credibility for the business.
  4.  Increases customer traffic towards the product leading to the advertisement.


Increase your sales with new market openings

BE ON SEARCH is a tool to increase online visibility, in-turn expanding market reach. Also, income to cost ratio is very high with BE ON SEARCH, where the business generated vs money spent is very good. Have a look at the benefits it can bring to your business.

  1. The easiest way to reach a large audience, 89 percent of internet usage is in the form of Google search.
  2. More traffic to the website leading to customer conversions = sales
  3. Traffic created on a website leading to customer inquiries & phone calls = Sales
  4. Queries converted into customer Walk-Ins = Sales

Google Ads: Experience our expertise by hiring us.

We are a Google Certified Agency in Hyderabad. We have years of experience in creating and optimizing Google Ad Campaigns including Google Display Ads, Youtube Advertising, Remarketing Ads, etc.

  • Creating an online presence in search engines.

  • Using Key Words to increase website visitors and enquiries.
  • Paid promotions to popup offer ads for the product or services.
Google My Business:
  • Unique company online profile created to mark your presence in the location.

  • A company listed on Google maps creates more visibility
  • A platform to take customer feedback through reviews and update changes of the business

The BE ON SEARCH Strategy & Approach

BE ON SEARCH is a unique solution that combines different features that help the business in online marketing. The main idea is to provide a single package of interlinked services for business development and keeping it cost-effective.

  • Analyze and understand the online presence of a particular business. Identifying the right space and platform for the business.
  • Develop a local strategy for the right promotion and reach of a business.
  • Using keywords and intelligent SEO techniques to improve your Website to top Ranking
  • Paid Ad promotions popping up at strategically designed points.
  • Increased brand awareness and website traffic.

The BE ON SEARCH Impact!

Inmantech, a specialist Google Ads agency has helped many businesses increase their online presence and gain a lot more customers, expanding the company’s reach in the market. Engaging in helping clients to get noticed by customers and send orders their way, Inmantech has been successful in creating a place for businesses online.
Through the use of Inmantech’s knowledge and technology, businesses have gained in sales, and Inmantech has proven results through the growth of its clients into larger companies.

Increase your business with Be On Search Solution