Forward 3*2 –
Digital Marketing Consulting

Anurag works for a travel & tourism company. He dreams of starting a North-East holiday travel company of his own. He knew that the best way to reach his target audience is online marketing. Since he did not know how to go about that, he decided to go to Google God. Google God threw a few words at him – SEO, SEM, SMM, EDM, Facebook, Content Marketing. All that jargon only made Anurag more frightened, confused and unsure. After several attempts, even today, his dream of starting a North-East holiday travel company is still exactly that – a dream!!!

What is Forward 3 x 2?

Forward 3 x 2 is a highly customized short program designed for small & medium business owners, entrepreneurs, startups. The program offers you deep insight into not just online marketing but also allows you to get an unbiased outsider’s view & independent industry expert’s analysis in areas such as the strategic direction you should consider, the tactical plan that may be required and operational approach that will deliver your best online business.
Business owners and entrepreneurs are often too busy serving their idea or product or services to their clients. Being very hard-pressed for time, they hardly find time to research on online marketing or explore possibilities beyond their routine work. That is where our service Forward 3 x 2 sessions will help the business owner develop clarity to move forward, in terms of time, budget and resource for their online idea.
You can walk into our program with just an idea, with a budding business, a growing company or even a well-established position in the market. Online marketing is a primary requirement in today’s marketplace. It is no longer a luxury

Roadmap For The Program

The Forward 3 x 2 is done in 3 sessions. Each session lasts up to 2 hours.

The session is completed either One-to-One or through Skype online.

Day 1

Discovery Session

 Every business desires a plan, a strategy that will define your vision, your goals and the way you’re progressing to reach them. But before we go plan the online strategy, we should define where do we want to go… and most of the business still are clueless where do they want to go, the discovery session helps both Team Inmantech DGi & Clients talk openly on key questions on their business vision, goals & objective.

We become your sounding board where we create a safe space for the heart to heart sharing of your ideas & thoughts.

  • 2 hours’ one-to-one session involving key team members will help this discovery would be an added advantage, we aim to focus on the following: –Understand company vision, goals & objectives and its plan?
  • Understand company products, services & its market
  • Understand what the company is doing in the online space. It’s understanding of online things and brain-storming on ways to find an online solution for their company vision and goals

This session includes reviewing the client’s website or documents prior to our session. After the session, there could be points to revert for both Team Inmantech and the client for the next session which will define the plan.

At the end of the session, both client and Team Inmantech are pretty clear on the way forward which will form the basis for the second session.

Day 2

Strategic Direction Setting & Tactical Planning Session

Do you already have a business strategy? Have you thought of taking your business to the next level? What does that new destination look like?
So, now it’s time to think strategically and make a digital marketing plan which saves your Time & Money to create a next-level business for you.
In the Second Strategic session, we will focus on following

  • Research on similar business models that are in the same industry online, what they are doing. It could be similar business or alternative business.
  • Explore right model for online growth for your business in tune with your vision, goals & objective. Get known for your expertise
  • How do we go about?

This second session includes reviewing competitor’s website prior to our session. After the session, we have a strategic vision and strategy to go about.

Day 3

Phase-wise Plan

After 2nd session, Team Inmantech shall prepare recommendations on various online tools to implement, phase wise plan and its cost. A Road Map document that can help you plan for an online way of doing business.

The Plan which will give you an overview of the project’s goals and deliverables presented on a timeline.

Inmantech DGI Road Map includes the following:

  • We define project goals
  • We define objectives
  • A timeline indicating the schedule
  • Important milestones and deliverables