What is PPC advertising ?

Well let’s keep the explanation simple, you pay money to search engine companies (Google , Bing or any other) when someone clicks your Ad , hence the name pay per click. Your Ad is shown on the Search engines when someone searches with a relevant keyword for your business or service, you have complete control over the ads and your ads will be displayed only for those keywords which you bid and deem fit. All this PPC advertising is carried out with the main aim to get more leads and improve sales.
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How can PPC Services help you get your market share?

With PPC advertising you can target a specific audience, in this way your ad is shown only to the most relevant prospects, thereby increasing the chance of your Ad to attract the relevant lead. By selecting the best pay per click advertising company you channelise your marketing investment to get maximum ROI and this is what has been and will remain as the aim of Inmantech DGi for their clients.We optimize your campaigns such that you get high returns with low spend.With PPC you tap in to the potential to generate leads online and thereby taking your share of market.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising:


It helps improve brand visibility and awareness


Qualified Leads -approximately 25% people click on Paid Advertisement


Helps you capture leads from Mobile searches- 70% & of people searching from mobile make a direct call to business


PPC advertising gives you positive ROI


Gives you quick results


You can reach your ideal audience because it has got immense targeting options

Our PPC Services Highlights


Ads specialist taking care of your PPC strategy : Industry specific ads specialist will take care of your campaign.


Transparency : We always show you the most accurate reports so that you are crystal clear about your ROI.


13+ Years of experience: We have got 13 years of tremendous experience for incredible results.


Excellent Client Service: Our client servicing team will always respond to your queries


Seamless Experience Throughout the Journey: We make sure that client is satisfied to the fullest extent for giving them a seamless experience.

Reasons to hire a PPC Management company ?

1. PPC Agencies have experts to run your campaigns

PPC agencies have experts to set and optimise your campaigns, they know which strategy will work out and which doesn’t and know the technicality of bidding and automation.

2. Generating an Ad copy for the specific audience is not easy

What exactly is PPC management without addressing the advert’s actual copy? It’s hard to write or design a successful copy due to the fact that it has to include a variety of elements. A poor copywriter or hack PPC manager might only cover only one or two of the factors listed below. A professional business that works in Google Ads will address every of the elements as follows

  1. Who will be the target audience for the copy?
  2. How will the Ad be predicted by the audience?
  3. When the Ad is delivered what questions might strike the reader
  4. Does the copy match the purpose of the landing page?
  5. Does the copy frighten away undesirable clickers?
  6. Does the copy contain enough detail so that the reader knows exactly what they are clicking on
3. PPC Agencies follow the trend to give their client the best ROI:
It is always apparent that there are new advancements in the field of paid advertising. The latest tools come out and new formats for ads replace traditional ones. Voice search is a popular trend that has an impact on strategies. AI (AI), as well as machine-learning, give us capabilities that we’ve never seen before. Maintaining a constant track of these changes and executing the day-to-day tasks involved in PPC managing advertising can be a struggle for marketers in-house with only a few resources, a limited amount of time, or both.
4. They Provide Comprehensive and Detailed Reports

The most important aspect in PPC advertising management is the measurement of outcomes. Reporting can be a lengthy procedure, particularly when it involves connecting data from different sources and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and CRMs.

This is why hiring a digital marketing firm could be extremely beneficial. Along with ad-level statistics like clicks and impressions, agencies can also set up comprehensive conversion tracking that will give your business a greater view of the level of engagement with customers.

5. PPC Management Company provides Actionable insights and recommendations

Apart from generating reports, these PPC agencies also are able to analyse these reports. They are able to analyze the information and explain the implications for your company. The most effective companies will be able to communicate complex information in a manner that is understandable to you.
Marketing agencies may employ analytical and statistical methods to answer concerns like:

  • Your current strategy is able to achieve your goals and objectives?
  • Are you investing in the correct platforms?
  • Do you require more funds for a particular kind of campaign?
  • What is it that makes the conversion rate greater on desktops than on mobile devices?
  • Are we driving leads that are qualified?
  • What can we do to increase our clickthrough rates (CTR)?
  • What changes could we make to boost general performance?

The best pay per click advertising company shares their data-driven insights and recommendations with you , and would appreciate your suggestions. They will always keep your business’s goals as the guiding force in their strategy and strategies.

This type of partnership with an agency lets you actively participate in the digital marketing of your company without needing to be a master of all the complicated systems that work.

6. You can always reach out Agency in case you need extra services

Partnering with an agency to manage PPC advertising management can be advantageous if you do find yourself needing help with other areas that are related to marketing via digital.

For instance, let’s say you contract an agency to manage your paid media marketing. A few months later, your business requires assistance in creating content. The in-house team does not have the resources to handle this task and you decide that you’ll need to hire an external service.

Establishing a connection with an agency may assist. If they’re an agency that offers full-service digital marketing, they might be able to provide this service to your company as well as PPC management.

How to find the Right PPC Agency?

Here are some characteristics which we think are important to look into to select the right PPC agency for your business

They take responsibility for Quality Leads:

Launching a lead camping and getting the forms filled is quite possible without reaching the targeted audience, but getting quality leads is not easy. PPC agency that takes the responsibility of generating for post click is the one you have to eye for. Inmantec-DGi as a PPC agency utterly takes care that leads which you get are really worth spending time on for converting them into customers.

They Opt Simple Reporting Procedure:

Many agencies rely on this for reports that are largely automated and packed with graphs, charts and other metrics that don’t connect to sales leads or leads. As a PPC agency we are keen on generating reports where our client get a complete idea in a glimpse without putting in much effort, and we make sure that the reports we generate are quite precise.

Certification and Expertise:

Check where the PPC agency has a team of certified experts.Getting certification today is easy here you should sense whether the PPC agency has really got knowledge, capability and dedicated team to give you PPC services that incline with your goals.

Strong Client Portfolio:

Try finding proof of their successful campaigns after all facts always remain stronger than claims. If they have got clients who are really satisfied with their services then it can be taken as a good signal.

Devising a Successful PPC Strategy

What makes PPC advertising worthwhile? The first thing to consider is that you may have goals for your company. This could include increasing revenue, increasing the number of leads and increasing brand recognition. If you employ the correct methods, PPC advertising allows your company to meet its objectives as well as save money and generate a positive ROI. Let’s take a look at some PPC advertising strategies you could employ to help your business increase its growth:

The first step is to ensure that PPC goals are aligned with the general online strategies for marketing. For instance, if your main goal in the current quarter was to boost web traffic, the aim of your PPC strategy should be to ensure an increase in the number of clicks that you send to the website. Once the goal has been set and firmly in place, strategies to help you reach this goal will be apparent.

Budgeting is an essential aspect of an effective PPC campaign however, the most appealing thing of this kind of marketing is that you can operate on a small budget and keep a tight grip on the amount you spend. If, in fact, you’re brand new to PPC and don’t have lots of money and are looking to get a taste of it and start by investing as little as 100 rupees. You can determine the budget you’ll need using this formula:

The profit part of the equation concerns the amount of profit you earn per conversion. To figure out the percentage of the commission you pay for AdWords you must determine how much of that profit you are willing to give up but still make the campaign profitable. To determine your rates of conversion you’ll need to take a look at previous statistics, or choose the industry standard. You can then multiply what you can afford to pay for CPC by the number of clicks that you would like, then multiply by days (go for at least one month) to calculate your budget.

The most important element of a successful PPC program is research into keywords. It involves determining the most effective keywords to target which are most likely to bring in conversions and clicks. A keyword analysis is a mix of science and art. It’s all about using the myriad of tools you have at your disposal and also knowing your audience and predicting what terms they’ll type into the search bar. This is the most effective method to ensure that your ads appear in the most appropriate moment as well as in the appropriate spot when people are searching for the kind of products or services that you provide.
Examining the competition can show you who your primary pay-per-click competitors are and what helps them succeed and what approach will be required to outbeat the competition.Once we have the picture of competition we can make necessary optimizations to campaign to outrank the competitors. Here are some metrics that will help you get the picture of your PPC competition in Google Ads.
  • Impressions Share:The amount of instances that you and your competition received impressions, Here we figure out the share of your impressions with respect to your competitors.
  • Top of the Page rate:The number of times your competitor’s ads are displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your page.
  • Outranking Share :How many times your ad outranked others in the auction.
  • Rate of Overlap: How often your Ad and your Competitors Ad secured an impression simultaneously.
  • Higher Position Rate:How many times and Advertiser Ads are shown at a higher position than yours when both simultaneously receive an impression.

There are a variety of bidding strategies available choosing the best one will be determined by various factors, such as your budget, your previous experience using PPC, and your objectives. One of the first decisions you’ll need to decide on is between automated and manual bidding. If you’ve not done PPC previously, you may prefer manual bidding, particularly when you’re on small budgets, as manual bids allow you to put a limit on the costs per click. However, the downside to manual is that you’re not given the chance for bid optimizations.

At the opposite end on the other hand is automatic bidding which can cut down on how much time that you’ll have to spend managing your campaign, however you may end up spending an extra amount. There are many bid strategies available for automated bidding and you are able to find out more about the various AdWords methods directly through Google. In essence, there are a variety of methods you can select based on the goal you’re trying to boost conversions and visibility or traffic.

Within your different ad groups, you’ll define your text ads. Effective copywriting is vital for PPC campaigns. It will boost quality Score, decrease the cost per acquisition and improve click-through rate. People will make their decision to click your ad mostly on the content you write. It’s worth the effort to work on this process.

Learn about the fundamental search engine guidelines regarding ad content advertisements that do not adhere to these rules could be removed. Once that’s out of your way, you can concentrate on creating appealing, click-worthy copy.

Tell them precisely what you’d like them to accomplish by making a call-to-action. Explain where they can click, what information they’ll get and the benefits it will bring to them.

Keep in mind, PPC advertising was developed to aid businesses in maintaining their relevance against their competition. People are always looking for a particular product or service related to the services your company offers. When you make use of PPC as a PPC program, your company can show a specific ad in the exact moment of the looking for something. For example, if a person is looking for a Curtain, an PPC advertiser could display an advertisement that states they offer Curtains.

Your ads should direct users to landing pages that have been specifically designed. The closer the connection between the landing page’s content and the search query, the more successful the rate of conversion. If you simply take all visitors to a generic site, such as your homepage–they’ll be frustrated and will bounce. This can negatively impact Quality Score, meaning the ads will have a lesser likelihood of appearing on search results. Keep the keywords and messaging consistent between the text in the ad as well as the page. Optimizely discovered that changing only 3 words in order to create the landing page copy more similar to the ad copy improved conversion rates to 39 percent. Keep in line with their recommendations by reiterating keywords and your company’s distinctive selling point from the ad’s heading and body text.