With growing digitalization, the mass adaptation of smartphones, data speed, and daily consumption, today from metro cities to Tier 2, Tier 3 & remote locations of the country, everybody is preferring video form of viewing, learning, engaging & self-promoting. With reels, shorts, IGTV, YouTube Live, YouTube Video, and Facebook live, it has never been so easy as today for content sharing and learning. The love for videos is the main reason behind this platform growing exponentially year on year. Brands are now taking advantage of these platforms to grow their businesses.

One such platform emerged as The Dark Horse – YouTube.
Videos are a great way to help accelerate engagement and brand mindfulness for your business. This makes YouTube an influential racecourse to embrace in your advertising strategy. Brands are using this huge inventory to show their ads and hit the right target segment as all ages are present on YouTube today. It is also a cost-effective way to grow your business compared to other campaigns.

Increase Brand Awareness & Engagement | Increase Sales

Drive Store Visits | Increase Website Visits


1. Increase Brand Awareness

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and 3rd most visited site in the world. This is a double-winning strategy for brands. With over 5 billion videos viewed daily, you can reach your audience by advertising on YouTube. With such a huge user base on YouTube, it is almost a guarantee that you would find your target audience on the platform and create brand awareness among your target segment.

2. Target the right audience using Video Campaigns:

With Google Ads for YouTube, you can target your target audience based on the content that they watch. And the biggest advantage is, that there is one campaign setting where you only pay for engaged views i.e.; at least 30 seconds. This also increases your earned views and followers which increases your database and can be used for remarketing too.

3. Easy expansion to other markets:

It is unlikely that a person sitting in the opposite part of the world, looking for a similar product/service as yours find you on Google Search. But, it is quite likely possible on YouTube. As long as you speak a similar language, it is easy to get viewers from other countries who are interested in similar videos as yours.

4. Drive Engagement

With YouTube advertising, you can target your users based on the content that they watch. This makes our ad more relevant to the target audience which compels them to take action, thus increasing engagement.

5. Increase Website visits, Sales & store visits:

The video format of the ad is great in delivering the message quickly and effectively. This has proven to be efficient in delivering the right message and getting clicks – resulting in phone calls and sales.

Success Story: – The effectiveness of a YouTube campaign.

One of our clients who is a Home Furnishing retailer has started promoting their brand on YouTube after studying the trend and careful evaluation. Surprisingly, it has delivered better results compared to other campaigns. It has helped increase Walk-ins and phone calls up to 50% on weekends and 26% on weekdays. Since then, YouTube has become a prominent campaign for the client. It has opened up a new market by targeting youngsters, the middle-aged, and the elderly customers. Seeing the potential of YouTube, the client has also done YouTube campaigns to target other states to build awareness of the brand and its products.

The advanced targeting parameters present on YouTube ensure that you reach the right audience and convey your message. For an effective campaign, targeting is the most important aspect which is derived through constant learning, observation, and analysis. A number of our clients have started using YouTube advertising and are benefitting from the amazing results. 

While organic reach can be limited to a certain number, Paid campaigns on Google are the most effective in delivering the desired results. To know more about how you can leverage YouTube to grow your business, contact us.

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