About Us – Our History

Started in 2003, Inmantech has gone with its clients by serving as well as exploring challenges and innovating to the opportunity provided by its clients. We have now, a whole gamut of services to offer along with 16+ years of vital experience in the field of web services and internet marketing.

We pride ourselves in our ability to plan, implement and continuously improve web properties. We strive to achieve specific business results.

With consultants, designers, developers, and marketing specialists, Inmantech has the capacity to provide a high degree of attention and expertise.

Mr. Sochin Dharewal

Sochin plays an active role in the creation of strategic solutions and drives team Inmantech to consistently deliver the highest quality work. His unique management style and focused dedication to client results have driven a decade of successful digital marketing solutions. Sochin is committed to helping companies leverage the power of digital marketing.

Know Sochin Dharewal’s Why Story: Why I do What I do


To be a preferred growth partner for businesses by leveraging the power of digitally connected networks across India


By providing trust-driven consulting, using high-tech & innovative Digital Marketing Solutions, Inmantech DGi helps clients acquire more customers, optimize their marketing spend, create visibility & build credibility through the right digital channels to level up their business online.

Our Core Values

  • Being transparent
  • Solution Driven
  • Integrity
  • Win-Win
  • Respect

Awards & Achievements

Our Milestones


  • 2003 – Began the intellectual manifestation journey
  • 2005 – Successfully launched the first Digital marketing Campaign for PAN India
  • 2006 – Became Google Adwords Agency Partner – Owned India’s first Agency MCC account
  • 2008 – Won Best Enterprise Channel partner for Andhra Pradesh
  • 2010 -Signed up As Facebook Marketing Partner
  • 2013 – Established Dedicated Digital Marketing Team serving clients across the spectrum
  • 2015 – Inmantech won the Google Partners Grand Prix, One among the Top 10 in the summit held in Singapore

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