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Inmantech-DGi is a Facebook advertising agency with experienced Facebook advertisers on staff to help organizations use Facebook promotions to develop. We assist our clients with creating advanced campaigns to develop their business.
We assist our customers with making creative advertisements and keep on upgrading for ideal outcomes. We test varieties of advertisements to see which one plays out the best. What’s more, to gauge execution, we introduce conversion pixels on your site to pinpoint the specific number of leads/sales you get in a particular time frame. These are only a portion of the prerequisites expected to carry out a productive and successful ad campaign on Facebook.

Our Facebook Advertising Agency Works Include

Facebook Ad Discovery

Facebook Ad Development

Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook Monitoring

Facebook Reporting

The objective of our Facebook ads agency is to generate leads and ultimately sales that prompt deals for your business. We achieve this in a couple of ways

Expanding Clicks From Facebook Ads

Your Facebook ads will be futile if individuals don’t click the CTAs. Our marketing office will make advertisement copies that have tempting call-to-actions to ensure that clients won’t just view your ad, however, will eventually click on them.

Expanding Conversions From Facebook Ads

Every business’s objective is to build its sales and conversions. The Facebook ad campaigns that we run for your business are engaged to bring conversions. We will augment your conversions while giving a valiant effort to decrease your ad spend.

Expanding The Relevance Of Facebook Ads

For clients to click on your ad campaign, the advertisement should answer their concerns while mirroring your brand. They will doubtlessly look past your Facebook advertising campaigns on their news feed on the off chance that it doesn’t interest them. We make different ad formats that carry worth to your intended audience group and what your brand has to bring to the table.

Expanding The Overall Awareness Of Your Brand

It’s such a ton simpler to advertise a new product or service if your Facebook page has a ton of supporters. More individuals will actually want to see your posts and construct a relationship with your brand, along these lines allowing you higher opportunities to change over them into new clients. Our Facebook Advertising Agency can help you increment your brand mindfulness by featuring your products or services in each ad campaign that we dispatch, making your brand more significant for your intended interest group.

Facebook advertising agency for small business

It will be difficult for small businesses to manage an in-house marketing team and the best solution is to outsource this work to a Facebook ads company. The important thing for the business will be to communicate the goals and objectives clearly to the ads agency or company to achieve their marketing objectives. Our agency pays a keen ear to understand the client’s goals and accomplish the desired results through the following various ad strategies some of them are discussed below for insight.

Facebook store visit ads

If you have more outlets in a single city then you can choose Facebook ads to target the people who stay nearer to your location and target them with dynamic campaigns to attract them and make them visit your store.

Brand awareness Facebook ads

Facebook brand awareness helps a huge number of people to see and recognize your brand. If you still didn’t try on facebook brand awareness ads yet, give it a go. You can gain a lot and little to lose.

Brand awareness on Facebook ads has various benefits:

We can reach out broad target audience with less amount of cost

You can boost your awareness among teenage or tech-savvy younger audiences.
By remarketing, you can turn people who saw your ad into customer
You can create a narrow-targeted audience and select who sees your ads based on audience interest, age, and other factors.
Facebook lead generation ads

If you want to boost your conversion rate, Facebook leads ads plays an important role that allows user to stay on the platform while submitting and completing your lead form. Facebook leads ads are the key to boosting your conversion, avoiding the friction of a longer click-through path for a lead, offering a smooth user experience, and leaving a positive impression on your leads. Nobody wants to redirect their targeted audience to a new page if they are already on your page for a particular reason.

Video views Facebook

Video content is becoming more famous now a day, People generally love it. If you have a video that you can think create a huge impact and add value for your company then you can choose Facebook advertising for making your video more viral.

Facebook advertising agency pricing

It obvious that pricing varies from agency to agency,
Our Facebook ad agency pricing starts from as low as 20000 INR per month!
This Includes:

Facebook Business Page and Ad account Setup

Facebook Ad description and text

Optimization of ads whenever necessary

Dedicated Facebook Marketing Consultant

Fast Responses to Customer Interactions


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