Content Marketing:

In recent years, content marketing has become an effective and practical inbound strategy in promoting one’s business. This helps to attract and engage your customers through quality content and by adding value when they visit your website. Many companies have implemented this and achieved results. Let us discuss how content marketing can help your company in detail.

1. Drive traffic to your website

A good quality blog post when posted consistently can help you in bringing more traffic to your website. Did you know that there is a chance of increasing your monthly traffic by 3.5 times by posting blogs on alternate days? This is a good strategy for companies to take up content marketing and curate good quality value-adding content which their customers love to read consistently.

2. Build Brand Awareness by educating your customers

Many times, customers might be having problems in their company that your brand can solve. But they may not know that the solution to their problems can be found through you. Creating blog topics around your target customers’ pain points definitely brings more awareness and identity about your brand and what you do. There is a good chance you end up getting enquiries by educating your customers.

3. Boosts SEO & Online Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting a higher rank on the Search Engine Ranking Page by optimizing your website. If the quality of your content is good and your website is optimized, there is more chance that your website is visible on the first page of Google. When your target customer searches for their problem and finds a solution in your blog, it is evident that they check out your services on your website and enquire.

4. Increase customer touchpoints

Content marketing has proven to generate 3 times more leads at a lesser cost compared to the common marketing techniques that we follow. Once you publish a blog post on your website and share it through social media, it creates a number of opportunities to generate leads. Value-adding content is often shared by readers and becomes an infinite loop. Such is the power of content marketing. Your customers become brand advocates and promote your brand through your content and help you find unexpected customers

5. Content marketing works for any industry

Many people wonder that content marketing does not work for all industries, but it may be just a myth. The truth is, starting from making a clay pot to building a robot, it works for all. The core lies in choosing the right topic, the right type of content, and keeping the reader in mind before creating content. 47% of buyers read at least 3 blogs before giving an enquiry on your website. That proves the power of content marketing.

If you are still wondering what content marketing is and how it can help your business, contact us.

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