OTT Advertising:

Even though there has been a huge change in the way we consumed content over the past decade, the recent lockdown due to Corona Virus has transformed the watching pattern of all.

Urban viewers in India are spending 30-40 minutes more than usual to watch content on OTT Platforms. A 75% increase in subscriptions is seen during this period.

As per some research reports by MNCs, 80% of viewers who watch OTT platforms agree that their needs are met and 38% of the viewers are ready to give up on traditional medium and completely shift to OTT.

Research indicates that the OTT video market will grow at 21.8% CAGR in the coming 3 years.

With this interesting shift in viewership, brands are considering OTT platforms seriously as one of the key advertising mediums.

Why should brands opt OTT Advertising?

The biggest benefit for the advertising brands in using OTT platforms for promotion is that the viewer cannot skip, block, or close the ads.

So, the video completion rates are incomparable with other platforms giving out a big opportunity to build brand awareness and create visibility.

OTT platforms give you a chance to precisely target the types of content. Targeting based on the type of content, device type, gender, age, browsing pattern, etc is available in OTT platforms.

Starting from cricket on Hotstar targeting sports fanatics to fans of Bigg boss, it is easy for brands to choose the right audience based on the content type.

Millennial Targeting on OTT Platforms:

According to various Surveys, 65% of Millenial households prefer to watch streaming channels rather than traditional TV.

Currently, they are the biggest consumer demographic with a bigger disposable income which is the most attractive segment for any brand.


Advertising on OTT platforms often creates awareness among the target audience about our brand and aids in brand recall.

Compared to traditional advertising on television where people don’t even pay attention, ads on OTT platforms attract the undivided attention of the viewer because of the ad placement and relevant targeting options available.

For new brands looking to establish visibility among the target audience, OTT platforms are the best choice to go with.

With the right help from an experienced agency like Inmantech, your strategy can never go wrong.

Contact us to learn about the best OTT platforms to choose for your brand with the right targeting.

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