Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads:

Deciding to promote your brand on Facebook is easy. But, deciding on how to promote it is the difficult part. Spend your marketing budget wisely with the inputs from an experienced agency like Inmantech DGi.

We often get questions from our clients about the difference between Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads, which is beneficial for their business. Our Facebook expert’s answer is that it depends on the goals that you are looking for.

Difference between Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads:

 Let us know the difference between Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads in detail.

Boost PostFacebook Ads
Ideal for Engagement and
Brand Awareness
Ideal for Website Conversions,
Video views, App Installs, Leads
Limited Placements8 placements to show your ads
Runs all-round the dayAd scheduling is possible
Limited Call To ActionAdvanced Call to Action buttons present
Limited creative controlsWide range of creative options to choose from
Optimization is not totally possibleCan be Optimised every day based on performance

Boosted Posts:

The most basic form of advertising that a person can do on Facebook is Boosting Posts. Companies allocate a specific budget to spend on boosting the regular posts that are published on their business page.

With the current Facebook algorithm, the organic reach of your Facebook post to your followers is about 10%. With the boost post, you could reach a larger audience that you choose.

Boost post is predominantly used for engagement of the posts and create greater visibility among the target audience. Still, getting engagement by boosting needs a clear understanding of what kind of content and creatives work.

Reach out to us to make your strategy simple and clear with our expertise.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads are an advanced form of advertising with a number of targeting options. The platform offers different objectives, a range of analytics options to track performance, and highly specific targeting like ad scheduling and behavioral targeting.

It also has richer ad formatting options like Image ads, carousel, slideshow, etc. Call To Action buttons present on Facebook Ads complement the objective that we choose – Install App, Send WhatsApp Message, read more, etc. Along with this, there are multiple placement options to choose where to show your ads –Instagram Stories, Instream Articles, etc.

On the whole, it is a comprehensive platform to promote your business. With the help of the right expertise in setting up your campaign, it generates wonderful results out of your spending.

Which one is better for your business? Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads:

The entire Facebook Advertising is very strategic. Based on your objective, one may be better than the other. If your objective is creating a strong social media presence and building fans, Boosting posts may be better and if you are looking to generate leads and increase sales, Ads work for you.

In general, a breakup of the budget for both Facebook ads as well as Boost posts may be a smarter way of promoting your brand. While one improves your presence and visibility, the other translates into leads and sales outcomes.

Even though it sounds simple, it can be misused or under-utilized without professional guidance.

If you find this overwhelming, contact us to review your Facebook Promotional Strategy and maximize results.

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