These are the terrifying headlines that have been plaguing our world for weeks. But companies have stepped up to plug the critical gaps in the supply chain. Companies like HP have started using their 3D-printing capabilities to manufacture the swabs needed for testing. Mahindra & Mahindra quickly pivoted and created a new ventilator. Brands like Neerus have started making protective masks.

What This All Means

Take a second to think about what you’ve just read. Healthcare companies started using technology to treat patients. Tech companies started working with healthcare providers to find solutions by examining data. Companies that have had a completely different goal or manufactured products not remotely close to the medical field have, in the matter of a few days, started to produce the supplies we need.

These pivots can only happen in one kind of organization. The organizations that have embraced digital transformation. These are the organizations who were ready for the technology. These are the organizations who looked a piece of technology and said this can be used differently. They have the leaders who were ready for change. They have the cultures that were ready to step up. This is how digital transformation for good looks like.

Being digital is key

Businesses that fully committed themselves to digital transformation are likely to be in a better position to support mobile working and team collaboration, keeping business going in challenging conditions.

These are the businesses that have already audited their IT infrastructure to find out which systems have solid integration to share data across applications, breaking silos and creating a more flexible ecosystem. Data is securely stowed in the cloud or a hybrid mix of cloud and on-premises storage, accessible between business units for enhanced productivity and more informed decision making.

Health Tech

Cure fit with App presence is still able to engage its customer but, a lot of fitness brands like Talwalkar are going to find it difficult to continue with their existing model.

CureFit cancelled all its classes across its centres until further notice as a precaution against the coronavirus outbreak.

To help users get access to their everyday workout and fitness needs in a better way, CureFit has announced the launch of This is a group fitness class led by star trainers that let you experience the energy from the comfort of the users’ homes.

Cure Fit Masterclass Live from Home: Strength & Conditioning with Jacqueline Fernandez

Edu Tech

Byju’s a strong brand with strong content & technology backend today is valued 8 USD Billion. Byju has already seen a surge. In 2020, going to school will look doubtful unless we have a vaccine or some measure. How relevant will schools stay in these times? Already a lot of schools have started conducting online classes… but is that solution effective enough?

COVID-19 has spelt disaster for many sectors. The one segment witnessing strong growth is ed-tech that has seen both school students and professionals – taking up online courses to study and enhance their skills amid the ongoing lockdown.

BYJU’S has witnessed a 150% increase in the number of new students during the lockdown. Amid COVID-19 Lockdown, BYJU’s has seen 6 Million New Students on platform accessing Free Lessons.

Similarly, upGrad – which offers online programmes for working professionals – has onboarded 4,000 learners in March.

Care Tech

Eldercare start-up EMOHA is helping senior citizens to manage and cope with COVID-19 crisis. This is equipped with features in the delivery of daily essentials, online doctor consultations, etc. to assist the elderly. EMOHA, which is Gurugram based has designed a community-based response mechanism to help the elderly during COVID-19 crisis.

The relief effort saw EMOHA reinventing its on-roll workforce to oversee a massive volunteer base and extending its 24/7 helpdesk and app to become a gateway for elders to stay safe and secure in their homes. It also put together a four-point solution for elders on its technology architecture while getting government support and endorsement along with campaign awareness in partnership with Hindustan Times.

On the whole, CoVid situation has made brands think out of the box in taking advantage of the opportunity and finding a way to deliver innovatively.

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