Social Media Marketing has become a cost-effective and result-oriented marketing tool for business owners. It has become a great tool to increase visibility, build enquiry base, and boost sales. There are an increasing number of businesses that are trying different strategies to grow their business through social media.

Depending on the type of products/service and the kind of audience present in each platform, it is vital for businesses to choose where to establish their presence and promotions. Choosing the right platform to promote your business is the most important step before beginning your promotions. Let us discuss Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising in detail.

Varied users (18 to 65+)Mostly young users (18 to 35)
Informational contentVisual content
Diverse ad placementsFocussed ad placements (Feed & Stories)
Can target all devicesMobile centric
Better for direct response advertisingBetter for brand marketing
Can capture urban and suburban usersGood for capturing active urban users
More ad formats to experimentFewer Ad formats for more impact

Facebook Advertising Vs Instagram Advertising:


Since its launch, Facebook has grown tremendously and has a user base of close to 300 million in India as of date. As its main objective is connecting people with their friends and family members, there is a widely distributed demographics present on Facebook. Starting from students to the old aged, Facebook attracts all ages and genders. This gives a huge opportunity for companies to find their target audience and promote their brand through Facebook ads.

Instagram, launched in 2010, is a visually appealing platform, where users come for images and videos. In India, we have close to 100 million users on Instagram. Unlike Facebook, users present are mostly from the age of 18-35. This creates a huge opportunity for businesses whose target is the young population to promote their business through Instagram Ads.

Ad Placement:

Facebook has different ad placements like feed, stories, market place, messenger etc whereas Instagram has only feed and stories. But, research shows that Instagram stories have 73% more clicks and a 23% higher conversion rate compared to other ads.


Facebook may be used for different information like timings, reviews, location, business information, events, etc. which is not in the case of Instagram. Instagram focusses on momentary captures and wants users to share images instantly. Users use Instagram for engagement while, Facebook for information. For companies that need to promote events or content, Facebook Advertising may be a better choice.

Why not both?

Both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads help in giving a higher ROI with different offerings. So, getting the advantage of both platforms is better for some businesses. A plethora of possibilities and strategies can be tried and tested to know what works best for your business.

Neither Facebook nor Instagram is a replacement for each other. Business owners often see a problem in deciding which platform is better for their promotion and how much to spend on each of them for optimal results.

We have run thousands of campaigns on these platforms and have the knowledge of capturing the right target audience based on different parameters. Contact us to discuss your Social Media Marketing requirements and get customized solutions that best benefit your brand.

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