It’s most likely that we all check for reviews online before availing any service or buying a product, especially in the times when commenting and giving a review online has become a norm. As a matter of fact we will not be preferring to visit stores or businesses that have low ratings. Various stats tell us that 79% of customers trust online reviews as personal recommendation and negative reviews about brands are shared more quickly than positive.

Now what if you have got a bad review or presumably going to get one, how are you going to address it in order to minimize its negative effects on your business? This is what we intend to share with our readers.

Lets see how we can turn the bad reviews to our advantage with the following steps.

Managing Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can be devastating to a nearby business—particularly if the business has not many audits regardless. Far more terrible? Negative reviews that go un responded to. Try not to allow those online injuries to rot! Managing negative surveys doesn’t need to be hard, and it can even be utilized as a showcasing and marking opportunity.

Why respond to a negative review?

Unfortunately, you can’t simply overlook an awful audit until it disappears. Truth be told, disregarding a disagreeable survey can complicate the situation!


  • You’re not simply answering to simply the one reviewer. You’re addressing each and every individual who peruses this audit, including possible future clients.
  • Replying is your chance to make things right. On the off chance that a client acquired a grievance to you individually, you would attempt to make it right. The equivalent goes for online surveys—regardless of the generic idea of online audits, it’s not over right now. You can turn this thing around!
  • Replying shows different pursuers you are not obscure or careless to criticism, and have found ways to guarantee this issue will not occur to the following client.

The best thing to do when you get a negative review is respond rapidly and deliberately. Here’s the way your business ought to react to negative audits, and make the most out of a not exactly lovely circumstance.

Steps  to respond to a negative review

Step 1: Apologize and identify in your reaction to the negative Review

Recognize the client’s interests. Regardless of whether they are unwarranted, show compassion that they had an awful encounter. “I’m sorry to learn about your terrible experience.”

Step 2:  Insert a little promoting in your reaction to the Negative Review

Clarify what your clients typically experience. “We’re regularly known for our extraordinary client care, and we are wailing that we came up short.”

Step 3: Move the discussion Offline

Give contact information to somebody at the business so they can talk about the issue face to face. “My name is [name] and I am the [Owner/Manager]. In the event that you’d prefer to talk about this further, kindly reach me at [phone number/email].”

Step 4: Keep your reaction straight forward, quick and painless.

Try not to expound or pose any inquiries. This will forestall saying something that may make the steamed client add more bad input by answering to the audit. Three sentences for your entire answer is a decent general guideline.

NOTE: DO Exclude the business name or relevant search keywords.

We don’t want this reviews showing up in search results

Negative review response example

So what does a decent adverse Review reaction look like in real life? Look at it!

Here, this business is dealing with this blistering survey the most ideal way that is available.

 The power of negative review response

1. The best thing you can expect when reacting to negative reviews is to have that troubled customer amend their underlying survey when their objection is managed.

2. Below, a client refreshed his audit to 4-stars after the overall project supervisor reached him and settled the issue.

That simply demonstrates that you ought to never disregard a negative review—as every one presents an opportunity for some great brand advertising, yet additionally presents a chance for accepting more certain criticism after the client’s issues are settled!

Contact us if you want to know more about how to turn bad reviews as an advantage to your business.

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