Search Engine Marketing – Google Ads:

SEM – Google Ads is paid advertising in order to show your website on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page when your prospective customers search for your related keyword, product, or service.

In our earlier blogs, we have seen the difference between SEO and Search Engine Marketing and which is more suitable for what type of business. Let us see why Google Ads is essential for any business growth compared to traditional marketing.

Google Ads vs Traditional Marketing:

1. More Money:

Did you know that according to Google, businesses can easily double their investment spent on Google?  As the platform is need-based, 52% of online shoppers take action on the ad they see. Many people realize that this is true, after a considerable amount of experience in running Search Campaigns. Search ads are a sure shot potential to earn more money for any business.

2. Google Ads drive immediate results:

If you are looking for immediate results, Google Ads is the best strategy for any business instead of traditional marketing. From the time the campaign is planned to set up and approval, it does not take more than a day to generate leads. So, for businesses that want immediate and consistent traffic, Google Ads is the best strategy to go for. No ad platform can beat google in getting instant and high quality leads.

3. The best strategy to grow your business

If you want to build a scalable business and are not afraid of a little investment in Google advertising, you are in the right place. 61% of the internet users search for products online which is a great opportunity if you want to grow your business.

Starting your initial ad with the little budget you have is like sowing a seed. As fruits come out as conversions, you will spend more budget on Google Ads and further scale up your business. Optimizing your campaigns and refining your keywords is the most important in this activity to see the best ROI.

4. Google Ads develops brand identity

The bigger the funnel you build by getting enquiries and the more follow-ups you do, the greater are the chances that you come into the minds of your prospects when they need you.

If you miss one conversion, that is not the end. It is the start of your customer journey.

93% of online experiences start with search. It is in your hands to use that opportunity and build your brand recognition.

5. Easy to reach your prime target

Traditional Marketing may be the most expensive route to make conversions. Instead, investing in a Google Ads campaign gives the advantage of precise targeting and tracking of prospects.  Using features like Geo-targeting, device targeting, timely ad scheduling help in giving an additional edge compared to traditional marketing.

Did you know that more than 65% of online revenue is generated from the top 3 links visible on Google Search? Businesses are making a point to not miss this opportunity and grow their business. Step into Search Engine Marketing and build your business. Contact us for more information about Google Ads and how we make strategies for our clients.

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