Call Only Ads:

Businesses have started promoting digitally since the boom of the internet. With the increase in smartphones and the time spent on it, more and more people are tending towards its use for many activities. Here come Call-Only Ads for the rescue

  • Around 79% of smartphone users shop from their mobiles.
  • 70% of people who search on Google, directly contact the business from the search results
  • 82% of mobile shoppers use Google Search to look out for the products they want.

This creates a huge opportunity for businesses to show their ads in Google search results.

Apart from the very famous Search Ads, Google has launched a new ad format specially for phones called Call-Only Campaigns. This is specifically created for businesses whose sole purpose is to achieve phone calls from their prospective customers.

There may be many scenarios where prospects prefer calling a business instead of going to a website like Healthcare enquiry and appointments, Dining reservations, ticket reservations, etc.

This is a strategy that every business should consider while making their PPC Strategy. This is an upgrade of the Call extensions available in the regular search campaign but designed for mobiles.

Google Call-Only Ads contain the following information in the ad

–           Business Name

–           Phone number

–           URL of the website (Optional)

–           A short description field.

Businesses which do not have a website can also use Call-only campaigns to promote their business online.

3 Reasons to try Call-Only Ad Campaigns

1. Enhanced Ad Visibility

In Call-Only ads, the phone number is shown primarily in a bigger font and captures attention quickly.  This ad format makes it more likely for the user to click on the button and make a call enquiring about the business.

2. Direct Phone calls

Instead of sending the user to the landing page and making them fill a form to capture the lead which they may or may not, Call-only ads ensures that the user makes a call once they click on the button. The sales funnel is shortened which results in quicker enquiries and conversions.

3. Ease in creation

Compared to the regular ad campaigns, there is a lesser need to focus on messaging and communication to promote the call to action. Just letting people know that they can contact you directly instead of going to the website is sufficient. This can be done by using simple CTA like “Talk to us now”. Apart from that, there is no need for a landing page or website to run these ads and promote your business which makes it faster and cost-effective.

Businesses more likely to benefit from Call-only Ads

Call-Only Ads can help businesses from different industries like travel, healthcare, banks, Touring agencies, Restaurants, Educational Institutes, Automobiles,  Banking, Hospitals, Retail Stores etc. Starting from checking availability of doctor before visit during emergencies to booking appointments, these ads benefit a number of businesses.

If you want to know more about Call-Only Ads and promote your business, Contact us.

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