Should you hire a digital marketing agency?

We once had an enquiry from a client who is into teaching. He had no idea where to spend his marketing budget to get enquiries. He got lured by a famous TV channel and put his money on a non-targeted TV activity, anticipating good results.

In spite of burning most of his marketing budget, he had not got even a single enquiry. With the little budget he had in hand, he approached us for a solution.

In our 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing, we have come across a number of clients. Most of them would have already tried hands-on in Digital Marketing or other forms of marketing and burnt a lot of budgets unknowingly without results.

Later they ask us to give results with the little budget that is left out. We bring to you what Digital Marketing really is and how it should be implemented….

Reasons to hire a digital marketing agency:

Digital Marketing is a wide term used for an array of services like Social Media Management, Google Advertisements, Social media ads, Email marketing, SEO, Content marketing, etc.

Clients who try themselves have little idea and usually don’t know what works for their industry and where to get started.

For that reason, it is better to hire a digital marketing agency as there are a number of benefits that companies can enjoy compared to hiring an in-house Digital team.

Benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency:

1. Cut down your overall costs:

Many companies think that they are saving agency fees by hiring an in-house Digital team. In reality, that resource cannot contribute 100% to the digital needs of the company.

It is a fact that agency is much less costly over time compared to recruiting in-house resources. Also, agencies already have all the tools required and will save you from buying new tools.

2. Get the right expertise:

For small businesses, you cannot hire a Digital Marketing expert at the onset. And, it is very time-consuming for your team to learn and implement different online marketing techniques like PPC, SEO, etc. 

Instead, you can hire an agency and get expert service for all the services that you opt for a minimal cost. It is a great way to get the best expertise at a lesser cost.

3. Industry relevance in digital marketing:

Research is the most important need before launching any Digital Marketing campaign. Not all strategies work for all industries.

Agencies, having experience in different industries and businesses will be the right place to figure out what your company needs and what works for you.

With their expertise, they can identify the right target audience, behaviors and interests to yield maximum results in less time.

4. Measurable results:

Very rarely do companies know what Key Performance Indicators to look for while running campaigns. Here comes the agency into the picture. An agency knows exactly which KPIs to look out for to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns.

They will be able to analyze the results and give you monthly reports about what is working and what is not. Suggestions for new ideas come along with analysis which can leverage your Digital activity to a new level. Giving insights about keywords and content is not as easy as you think.

5. Good chance to grow online:

Along with managing your business, focusing on the Digital Marketing front can be tiresome to you. Doing what you are good at and letting the agency take over something you are new to is always a good practice.

As time passes, you may have the need to increase the size of your digital team which takes up more time and money out of your company. But with an agency, scalability is just like a cakewalk.

Seeing the results of your digital activity, a good agency like Inmantech DGi will offer new plans that best suit your company and reach out to new markets.


We hope you understand the need for an agency to get the best results and take the burden off your shoulder.

Understand your needs and share them with us for the Best Digital Marketing Strategy. Our consultants will make your life easier.

We help your business do more business online.

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